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A tad ironic.
Thursday. 9.18.08 6:43 pm
I woke up at 6:30 this morning. It's about 7:10 PM now. That's over 12 hours of being awake.
I've been running on 3 hours of sleep for over 12 hours. X.X

God, I've taken 5 quizzes and 1 huge test this week. I've failed...like, 3 that I know of so far. I know ONE I passed with an A for sure, and that's Spanish. But I mean...I don't really count that any more. That stuff comes naturally. No challenge. That, and Theatre, but that's because it's something I love. The other classes just...are difficult. English and History are hard to concentrate on, science is boring, and math is just confusing all around, no matter how hard I try to understand or study. I always end up learning how to do something a little too late. I want to get more good grades. That's why I am trying my best to keep up with homework so that that can save me if I ever flunk another quiz/test.

Now, relating to the title. Its kind of ironic. I wore some blue eyeliner today. Not just a little on the bottom, but like, a whole line on the top of my eyelids, as well. I NEVER do that, I always wear just mascara. I like the natural look. I only wore extra eyeliner today because Alex said I should try, because it would look really pretty, so I did.
I received so many compliments on my eyes. People said they looked bluer, that it looked really pretty, and all that jazz. It was just...weird.
I'm not wearing that much eyeliner, anymore, though. It feels like junk. Takes too long to get on, takes twice as long to get OFF, it smears, it cakes, it isn't natural.

I like natural.

Tomorrow I am going to start taking pictures of friends and moments at school. I want to include my life at school in my psychology project, 'cause, as much as I dread school, I wouldn't meet half the people I know today without it.

I suppose I should finish writing my English proposal T.T

Wearing eyeliner doesn't seem to do much for me, but then again maybe I do it wrong. :P I just kind of put a bit on with the pencil... I've never had issues with getting it off though. What do you to to remove it?
» randomjunk on 2008-09-18 07:22:17

Yeah, I don't usually bother trying to remove mine unless it smears a whole lot. Q-tips and makeup remover/toner work pretty well for me though... You must put a lot on if you can feel it...?
» randomjunk on 2008-09-18 07:55:12

I never wear any other make-up other than drawing my eyebrows (because mine is really thin). Maybe I should try experimenting with eyeliners...

Good luck, you should like you have a lot of things due...
» Nuttz on 2008-09-19 10:16:28

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