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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

My Mii QR Code
Sunday. 12.5.10 9:45 am
I want in on the fun too!

I'm cool, right?

Tell me I'm cool!


Being sick blows noses.

Having a sore throat is a pain in the neck.

Coughing scares the beasts.

If I was Jessie and Dave was James, Charlie would be Meowth and Jazz Hands would be Wobbuffet.

ALSO. There should be a Nutang post about my completion of the NuTangian Challenge, and how everyone should vote for me to be in the hall of fame.

One more thing! I am sad. I was grinding coffee yesterday, and my coffee grinder started falling apart as I was grinding. There were awful chunks of plastic in my coffee. Poor coffee, it was wasted. :(

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-insert joke about grinding-
» Dilated on 2010-12-05 12:08:01

I saw the link! And yeah basically that describes my whole problem with Calc. I'm getting help from a second, smaller class.

And I'm not especially interested in cute girl, but thanks anyway. I might use that excuse some other time. :P
» middaymoon on 2010-12-05 03:05:21

Oh wow I don't know how I forgot about the Nutang blog. This hall of fame stuff is definitely news. X|
» randomjunk on 2010-12-05 05:26:30

I did not see the message you sent with the request. D:
» randomjunk on 2010-12-05 06:13:54

You are SO cool. :P

They (Coldstone) have given me plastic-filled fruit shakes, sometimes. You just explained it.
» Unicornasaurus on 2010-12-05 08:11:27

You know, you should suggest to the Ed Hardy brand that they market a sangria, I think it would probably go over well.
» Amelie on 2010-12-05 09:03:55

Ohhhh! How did I not know about this? Where can I purchase my Ed Hardy sangria? Is it expensive?

I'm going to buy it for people as Christmas gifts I think.
» Amelie on 2010-12-05 09:10:55

I totally owe you for this! Ed Hardy wine, ingenious!

I also find it especially appropriate that you purchased yours in New Jersey.
» Amelie on 2010-12-05 09:30:15

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