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Wednesday. 9.16.09 5:01 pm
Today is one of those days.

You know, you wake up, and you say "man, today is a crap day."

And, as is necessary on crap days, someone will call, or talk to you, and then your day will go from being a crap day to a shit day. And at that point, you are just disgruntled and don't care to do anything. Homework, cook, clean, whatever.

I should have started cooking dinner a while ago, but I'm not hungry, and I don't care. I guess I'll start in a few minutes. Dave will probably be late-ish today anyway, and at the worst, it'll be a 30 minute or so wait after he gets home.

My crap mood has me looking at heavy bags and heavy bag stands. I don't want to stick the bag in a rafter, because I might just take it down.

I'm looking toward a 70 lb bag, and a corner stand. Except corner stands are too big. Smaller stands usually have a speed bag attachment.

Right now, I'm looking towards walmart. I can get a stand for 98 dollars, and a fancy pink bag and set for 74. Or I could get a plain ol' black bag for 40.

They're both 70 lbs, I'll probably go with the black one, I don't need knuckle wraps, and I have a pair of sparring gloves. Also, I don't need pink. It's for a good cause, yes, but purple would be more buyable. Is there a cause with purple as its color?

I decided to check ebay. I found a universal sex swing stand... or for heavy bag. ...

So much for ebay, the nearest is too far away, and shipping is ridiculous.

I can totally order the stand and bag shipped to store for 140...

I thought about getting a makiwara board, but you can't really kick those unless they're in a door threshold, and I don't want something that permanent anyway.

I thought about one of those freestanding style bags, but I never really cared for those. They're also super-pricey.

Oh crap, walmart stand only holds up to 70 lbs. THen I'd need to also buy some weights to keep it in place. I didn't think disk weights were all that pricey, though. Hrm. 20 dollars more gets me one that can hold up to 100 lbs.

The internets isn't all that great at telling me what sort of bag I should buy.

This man is pretty helpful. "You can certainly kick a 70 lb bag, but it's going to be swinging an awful lot. If you're torqueing your hip into your kicks (and you shoud be), 100 lbs is the LIGHTEST I'd go." He says.

Then I should get at least 100. Granted, he was talking to a guy who weighs a only a bit more than I do. I guess any more than 100, and I will need a good ceiling to anchor it to.

I'm still looking at stands/bags, and found a man!. Definitely good for people-stress... >.>


So up until the 2nd to last paragraph of this entry, I had no idea what you were talking about. What is this "bag?" Is this some type of new house decorum with which I am unfamiliar??? These questions were running through my head, and of course it didn't help that the only link I clicked was the "universal sex swing stand" (go figure).

Anyways, dave should fear you and your "punching bag."
» The-Muffin-Man on 2009-09-16 05:57:09

the only representation i know for purple is that maybe you got injured in a war. so maybe you're against people getting injured during wartime.
» thaitanic on 2009-09-17 08:39:38

Oh! Freestanding bags are actually all right. I have one, and it just gets a little annoying when it moves a tiny bit for every round I go. Stands kind of scare me because I'm afraid I might kick the stand... x.x There are some stories floating around about just that happening.
» Unicornasaurus on 2009-09-29 09:29:59

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