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Tuesday. 8.11.09 8:47 pm
So Dave and I went to dinner.

It was tasty; I am full.

We then went to Gamestop.

While in game stop, there was a squat, loud, woman griping into her Blackberry.

She needs to know what 10% off of 32.98 is.

Me being myself, I rough it out to be ~30 dollars, rounding 32.98 up to 33.00, 10% of which is 3.30.

I REALLY wanted to yell "it's 30 dollars!", but being myself, I did not.

She continues on, yapping into her Blackberry. "No one is good at math", can't they help her? blah de blah.

At this point I REALLY wanted to yell: IT'S THIRTY. THREE-ZERO.

But instead, I glared.

Then she calls her mother. She asks her mother to add 14.99 and 17.99. For the grand sum of (insert drumroll here) 32.98! Then she asks what 10% off of that is.

This woman couldn't possibly be in the best financial shape if she can't do math like that.

I go to check out, the woman is still not-quite-squawking, and we leave the Gamestop, me with game in hand. She still hasn't figured out what 10% off of 14.99 + 17.99 is.

I look at Dave, and realize that this woman, calling all of her family to do basic math, was on a Blackberry.

I was going to call the store, and have them tell her the number she was looking for was "30". Dave said no.

I felt a bit bad, glaring at her, and wondering why it was so hard to do such a calculation. She seemed to have all of her wits about her, and didn't appear handicapped in any way shape or form...

Sadly, she made me feel much better about myself.

that's so sad.

not only is she apparently incapable of doing math, she also doesn't have the sense to use the calculator on her blackberry.

poor thing.
» Chloefoxx on 2009-08-12 12:47:58

maybe she is having panic atack?
» jolenesiah on 2009-08-12 02:29:40

Goodness! It's really surprising what people cannot do nowadays. Maybe all these technological advancement has finally taken a toll on humans.
» Nuttz on 2009-08-12 11:04:30

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