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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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I feel dirty.
Wednesday. 4.1.09 4:14 pm
Earlier today, I had planned to post some odd thing about "If I get married..."

I don't remember what the point of it was, but it was something along the lines of "I will need cocktail weenies, a top hat, and meatballs."

I wonder what it could have been. Oh! I remember what it was. I won't do any of that stupid "lookit at the ring! then lookit us. Well, by us I mean me. He's an afterthought. BUT THE RING IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT"

But that is not what I was going to post about. Though it also made me feel dirty.

I stumbled across this website (reading a completely unrelated one) called STFU, Marrieds. It's about all of those people that make silly updates about their husband/wife/whatever.

Sayeth the author: Married couples on Facebook with their inane status updates and wall posts are the bane of my internet existence.


That is not why I started this post. Though it also made me feel dirty. >.>

I went to drop of the rent and pick up the mail. The mail was junk. Walking away, I saw what I thought was a catalog. Not just any catalog, but an Oriental Trading catalog. The best, most full of nearly useless junk EVER catalog.

So of course I picked it up.

But it is not the standard Halloween, Angry Pink Heart Day, Live up to Drunken Stereotypes Day, Thanksgiving, or not even Christmas/New Year's OT.

This is a blipping WEDDING OT. Seriously. Are they going to eventually have a Kwanzaa OT? A Bar/Bat Mitzvah OT? I don't think there's a graduation one, though they do have large sections for it....

Therefore, as rightly as I should, I feel dirty. One for snagging discarded mail. Two for being excited over a blipping wedding OT. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I know it's an OT catalog, so I can expect to see ridiculous and completely unnecessary, but awesome things that I really have no need for, or if it's because I know it's an OT catalog, so I can expect to see ridiculous and completely unnecessary, but awesome things that I really have no need for, but could needlessly daydream about "oh I will need this favor because it is AWESOME".

I'm gonna go take a shower.

Maybe I'll post another entry with some of the cooler things in it.

The cupcakes they show in the Grad picture on that OT site are freakin' huge.... like, Costco size or something. :S
» randomjunk on 2009-04-01 04:40:20

Haha marriages can be so overdone...I really hope that my future wifey isn't crazy about having everything all perfect, because I will throw down.

Anyways whats with all of this wedding talk, Iki...do you have something you need to tell us...and maybe cookie too hahah
» The-Muffin-Man on 2009-04-01 05:06:49

i love stumbleupon! i stumbled on that very same website...come to think of it...it was when a friend of mine was talking about me never getting married. LOL
» pyrogrrl12 on 2009-04-06 06:17:46



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