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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

My Mii QR Code
Are you going to get Confickered? (also some funny)
Tuesday. 3.31.09 7:58 pm
"If you are unable to reach our web site, you may be infected. In that case you will need to get to a computer that is not infected, download our specialized Conficker removal tool and run it on the infected machine before installing new antivirus software."

So it sayeth in the middle of the page. I think I understand that perhaps it's a "this is reposted somewhere" or "not reading it on their own computer" line of thought, but then it says "go to a computer that isn't infected". Obviously if you can reach the website, you're on a non-infected computer.... Why would I go to another that isn't infected?

So I decided that since tomorrow is April Fool's Day, and Dave's birthday is in about two weeks, I could play a pretty mean prank on him: Get a box, tape it up, wrap it all fancy-like, and give it to him tomorrow, but tell him he can't open it until his birthday.

Inside of the box? A small note: "April Fool's!" or something like that. Maybe I'd put it on a spring. Or on the snake in a fake can of nuts.

That'd be horrible.

I get the feeling that they didn't quite reach the status of "hip, catchy name."
» randomjunk on 2009-03-31 08:04:25

I hate April Fool's day. My trust for everyone in the world drops to 0 for 24 hours. I was once conned into thinking someone had gotten married AHH and then ever since I been a suspicious observer of April 1.

But it looks like Norton is actually being legit about this worm (I mean they kinda have to be, right?), even though lawlz at not-being-able-to-view thing.

...And for all that is sacred, do not prank poor dave...or should I say, cookie, heheh
» The-Muffin-Man on 2009-03-31 08:24:56

Unfortunately, this was the biology building, so no, I do not know where homeboy lives.

But I do know where he works: right next door! :D I have always wanted to drop in and distract him for a minute, but I'm too chickenshit.
» ranor on 2009-03-31 08:53:07

Prank him!
But that's kinda mean. It IS his birthday after all. I'm a little scared myself, not knowing what to expect from Conficker and April Fool's Day...>.> *suspicious* .>
» Silver-dot- on 2009-03-31 10:47:49

Stupid comment box cut off my suspicious-eyes-smiley. Grr.
» Silver-dot- on 2009-03-31 10:48:50

You made 120 bucks? Niiiice. Belated Congrats, iki-dear.
» Silver-dot- on 2009-03-31 10:49:37

Lol!! I hope you succeed with your little plan. Maybe the Conficker is an april fool's joke.
» Nuttz on 2009-04-01 03:33:24



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