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Wednesday. 4.30.08 1:28 am
So I'm going to be "old" soon. Not break-my-hip or here's-your-pills-and-applesauce/pudding old. Not even mortgage-$8k-debt-2.1-kids-white-picket-fence-dog. Almost 9a-5p-daily-grind-stop-mooching-off-of-your-parents-old. Definitely creaky-snappy-droopy old. :(

This bothers me.

I don't need wrinkle creams, if anything I need acne cream. I don't ne-ok, maybe I could use a few extra joints. My back aches, and I make all sorts of crazy noises.

My cholesterol, I should watch that. My Blood pressure, thank heavens, no.


I find myself wondering what to do fashion-wise. I am not "young" and teen-y anymore, but I am not "old" and .. whateverly either. I guess technically, I would be a "miss", but most shops either have "junior"/"teen" or "women's"/"adult or perhaps very large female, depending".

I've realized that I could wear so much more than black shirts and jeans/pants (but not quite shorts), but now I feel rather silly wanting to go out to buy clothes. The internets show people in a similar age bracket, fashioned up, buying their fashions from everywhere. I would *love* a hot-topic-tacular skirt. Yes, I don't shop at hot topic any more. There are better ways to spend my (or my parents') money.

I also figure, even though I love that style of skirts/pants (I'm a pocket-whore, the more the better), something says to me "you're not in high school anymore, don't buy it". There's also the "You're going to be a 'real' adult soon, you'll 'real' adult clothes. None of this fancy chain-y goth-y rave-y cargotacular stuff" thoughts going through my head. Not to mention that I generally dislike hot topic nowadays, except to look at the discount rack and grumble that everything is made for teenytiny teenytinies.

I'd love to go shopping in fancy little stores or so, and perhaps buy a pair of this and one of that... I would love a pair of trouser jeans/pants. I'd feel ridiculous going to buy them. :( It doesn't help that I'm built weirdly for almost anything. I want cutesy "not-old"/"in style" clothes, I am too round. I want boring old... boring clothes, perhaps I am not round enough.

Maybe I should be the next Hitler. I remember there being a story about his moustache, how one of his advisers said "but it's not the style, people will make fun of you!" To which Hitler replies: "When I am Führer, it will be the style!" I can't find any reference to such a story, but I love it. I could make my own damn style, then.

What do I do? My mom was never that ... fashion-foward. Maybe I'll continue wearing black shirts and pants/skirts. Oh well, maybe I will just shop in whatever section strikes my fancy and flatters me.

I could only shop at thrift stores, where there is only "womens" and "childrens", and not "juniors"/"misses"/"women's"/"large women's", and help the community. It'd also be more wallet-friendly.

Maybe I'll wait for the recession to seriously set in, so it will be the style to be fat. I'm sure by that point, I could wear all of the "zomg I am totally rich" castoffs.

What I've found was that once I graduated, I started to care less and less about fashion. Though this may be either because I work in a lab, or because I'm not in a financial situation where I can justify spending money on new clothes...
» ranor on 2008-04-30 09:18:57

hmm... i always t-shirt and jeans because it's easy and never out of trend.
» renaye on 2008-04-30 12:24:56

Yeah, thrift stores! You could do all that "I buy thrift shop clothes and make them edit-tastic" stuff. :P
» randomjunk on 2008-04-30 06:51:34

yea i'm also looking for more jeans but just don't know why nowadays clothes companies don't want to produce high waist jeans anymore. they r now mass producing hipster jeans ... the lower the better ... might as well don't even include the zip.
» renaye on 2008-04-30 09:31:23

I say thrift-shopping would be a grand idea.

I'm redoing my room this summer, and I plan on getting basically everything but the paint from a thrift store. Also maybe the duvet...
» bananaface on 2008-04-30 09:57:46

Chocolate covered strawberries are amazing together. I promise.
» bananaface on 2008-04-30 09:58:11

I've reached that point too. I'm looking more at the solid color or striped shirts, rather than the shirts with stuff on them. some shirts are really cute in design, but the stuff written on it just totally ruins the shirt. I like that first skirt though. if I wore skirts, I'd probably consider buying it
» LostSoul13 on 2008-04-30 11:42:26

no. unfortunately high waisted jeans is extinct now in main shopping mall. they r now selling hipster jeans only... and i need to get jeans fast before there r holes in my jeans! the current trend is hipster jeans.
» renaye on 2008-05-01 12:28:52

crazy! it's so hard to get high waisted jeans here!!!! every time i asked the attendant about high waist jeans they don't know what i am talking about. we should swap our purchase.
» renaye on 2008-05-01 04:04:42

Yeah, I have all these clothes that I can't wear anymore. Ones with hilarious sayings on them, jeans with flames stitched into them, etc... then I got out of college and I was like, "I can't show up at work with flames on my pants!" Plus I moved from So-Cal to New England, which was quite a lesson in regional differences in fashion/weather. I had to buy real shoes! But I am SOOOO going shopping at the end of the semester. Shopping SPREE!!!!
» Zanzibar on 2008-05-05 07:11:16



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