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Woohoop!(or, I am a Tool)
Wednesday. 4.16.08 10:01 pm
So I went outside and hula hooped.

I was blowing bubbles, but people glared at me.

Hula hooping got a much friendlier reception. Some guy on a bike wanted to take my picture, and eventually, a Roanoke Times reporter came by and talked to me for a bit. I figured why not, he was coming off campus to avoid the craziness, and seemed like a decent guy. So I didn't yell at him. I figured the media could use some pictures of people "prevailing".

The picture. BTW, it's not my house, it's Dave's...

Hey mas, it didn't get spun! :D

It was a very nice day, I've spent the past year remembering, there's nothing special about today comparatively aside from being a year. Yup, time to go out, get dolled up in my "We will prevail" gear, and boohoo and sob like I am totally super affected. I mean, I watched so many people come and go, and it looked like they were just doing what was expected of them. Ok, something bad happened a year ago, let's go act like we are still totally torn up and such, put on some "we will prevail"/vt colored orange and maroon shirts. The same people who pull the "well, I'm buying the shirt because it's related, and I'm wearing it because I"m out of laundry..." (hypatia shirts? :D) Like I said in my last entry, most of the people I know who are one or two degrees away from a someone are staying away from most everything. Why people think shirts and candles and craziness are needed "to remember", I'll never know.

I'd really like a shirt that says "I'm prevailing, go away". This "we will prevail" business makes it sound like the whole school is in a funk and won't ever come out of it. Ok, maybe there is still some funk, it's a year later, no one knows anything, people still aren't really stepping up and saying "yeah, our bad"(even though I hate the phrase "<-pronoun-> bad"), and people are still attempting to demonize Cho and his family. Just recently there was a CT article that seemed surprised that NIU wasn't facing any lawsuits. Perhaps I'm odd, but there's a difference between a "oh shit guy stopped taking meds and suddenly did this" and "oh shit we totally let this guy slip through the system unchecked, and failed to act efficiently when there was 'fair' notice". Stupid CT.

April 16 in Blacksburg shouldn't turn into a day of shutting down/oh shit/wehhhhh, but it shouldn't turn into something like memorial day... hey! people died, let's grill! Though, this early afterwards, it seems the thing to do, just to stay away from the bullshit. Especially on a nice day. There's only but so much mourning to be done, and then it falls into reflection and such. When you're done mourning, you're done mourning. I should have told silly floral design girl that.

Also, I started to feel bad that the picture was "lookit me I am having fun!" but then there are girls tanning on a roof down the street. Then again, what better way to say "I am prevailing" than enjoying the day. Ok, at least the tanning girls have a ribbon... I don't even have that. I'm awful. :(

Sometimes I feel a bit tooly going on about "zomg it happened get over it move on", but at the same time, I'm not saying "zomg forget about it, don't remember", but "zomg don't let it hold you back, don't let it happen again". Like I said earlier, you're done mourning when you're done mourning, that's not going to change. Now that I think about it, I don't feel tooly about today. WTF TOURISTS!? MEDIA?! WHY?! I don't think tourists are needed because it's the anniversary of something awful... sheesh. Tourists. Now I'm annoyed. Tourists!!! ...GAH! This is really bothering me. I think this explains why I am so distrusting of people regarding this whole... set of events. Fucking tourists.

Today's shit list is short, as I have avoided most media. On my list is MSNBC for having a "how much do you remember?!" quiz, WTF (Dave told me about it, I refuse(d) to even look at it, I'm never reading MSNBC again), and floral design girl.

I can't believe it's already been a whole year. It doesn't seem that long ago, to me. Man, that's weird.
» middaymoon on 2008-04-16 10:49:40

That's a way epic picture of you hula hooping. :0
» randomjunk on 2008-04-16 11:07:06

I'd have to agree with RJ. that's an awesome picture
» LostSoul13 on 2008-04-17 06:19:41



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