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To the world; regarding edgy:
Tuesday. 2.5.08 9:45 am
A brief pre-summary: Edgy is only edgy the first time or so something is done. If everyone does it, then it is not edgy. "Edgy" is like a sharp knife. Use it one too many times, and it becomes dull.

And now, for the full post:

I am getting tired of "edgy". Everything these days is "edgy". Comedy. News. Alternative Fashion. You name it, it's "Edgy". Except it isn't, because EVERYONE DOES THE SAME THING!!!!

That is not edgy. That is dull. Dull like the blunt end of a penis.

What starts this rant is a number of things. I will discuss them, probably in a not-so-brief manner.

1. The VAGINA(!!ONE!1) Monologues: I get it; you are "edgy" because you write VAGINA in large letters. Or with a disproportionately large capital 'V'. Or some other method that is supposed to make it "edgy" because "Oh noes, you guys, they wrote 'vagina'!" I understand that people need to be aware of certain issues, and I am perfectly fine with that, but this "ZOMG VAGINA!!!" business gets old quickly. What better way than to increase the issues you are try to fight by losing your edge, because you keep relying on the same gimmick?

2. Emo/Goth/Alternative Styles/whatever: I'm going to start this one with a personal rant. There is this girl on campus, I see her every Monday/Wednesday. She clomps around in her khakis, dark glasses, black T-shirt, black boots, black messenger bag, and some sort of mp3-playing device. There are many other people around, with outrageously dyed hair, "non-mainstream" clothing... you name it. I am all for people expressing themselves, that's awesome. But sometimes I see people, and the way they carry themselves just SCREAMS "I am trying TOO hard to be 'edgy'/'unique'/'freaky'/whatever," and while I am against judging on outer appearances or laughing at people because of them, I always feel the laughter bubbling up inside. I feel a bit bad, since I've been on the receiving end of it, and it is shit, but there is just something about the vibe that comes off of 99% of these people (that I've met). It screams "I'm different and better than you because I am edgy like 3 billion other people". I like to express myself too, but I try my damndest not to walk around with a stick up my butt.

If this makes any sense, I guess what I am trying to say is that there seems to be waaay too much "edginess" among these particular groups, and it's not even real edginess. It's the everyday garden variety "edginess", it doesn't at all reek of the "I am comfortable with myself" edge, which is the kind of "edge" that everyone should have. Beh.

3. Back to anatomy. Is it really all that funny to go out in public and yell "PENIS!!!" as loud as you can? Seriously. It's a penis. Everyone who is not a woman should have one. Get over it. Penises aren't edgy, regardless of my "blunt end of a penis" analogy which implies a sharp edge somewhere.

Penis is not the point of this grumble. In actuality, the point of this grumble is shitty comedy. TV, movies, whatever kind of media you desire. "Fuck". That's pretty edgy, right? So are "cunt", "cock", "PENIS!", and "VAGINA!" Any sort of poop or sex joke, and if it's racially charged? Totally super-edgy. So sharp, it can split a sheet of paper along the .12mm edge. This is why I don't watch most TV, or most movies. They try too hard. It goes from "Edgy" to "dull" to "damn this is annoying." I could name so many shows/channels that try so hard to be "edgy".

Oh, I forgot: Science is edgy as well. Woo, science.

This "edginess" gets to be like the internet; You see one shock-image/site, you see them all, and these things stop having the same effect that they used to. Then people start whining "We did ___ [that no one else does, at all, ever.]!! Why aren't you shocked/surprised/etc?!" They fail to realize, that like I said in the beginning:

Edgy is only edgy the first time or so something is done. If everyone does it, then it is not edgy. "Edgy" is like a sharp knife. Use it one too many times, and it becomes dull.

Huh. I never hear anybody say "edgy" around here.
» randomjunk on 2008-02-05 04:40:05

huh, you always seem to know the things that annoy and need to be said, and you say them. thanks Ikima, for saying the things that need to be said, that some of us don't always think to say. at least not in such a way that makes sense to others.
» LostSoul13 on 2008-02-05 08:33:29

This "edginess" gets to be like the internet; You see one shock-image/site, you see them all..."

Thankfully, I haven't seen 2 girls 1 cup, and I don't plan on it -_-

Anyways, important stuff. The world doesn't scream "edgy"....to me, entertainment and society in general isn't trying to have some killer "edge," it's just full of stupid shit. Like Adam Sandler.
» The-Muffin-Man on 2008-02-05 08:51:52

"That is not edgy. That is dull. Dull like the blunt end of a penis."
I just thought I'd let you know, I took that and made it my myspace caption. I also credited you as my 'annonymous friend' =]
» LostSoul13 on 2008-02-06 12:37:26

The sharp edge of the penis is the one that cuts into your sense of self-worth.

Or, if you're on the giving end of the penis, it's the one that cuts into your attention span.

Either way, the penis is pretty much the edgiest body part you can have. (Aside from your brain, which sometimes has to fight for control over your body from the penis.)

And the point about scene kids: yeah. Fucking annoying. Whenever I see a scene tween, teen, or twenty-something, I want to stab them with something sharp.

But not with my penis.
» ranor on 2008-02-06 01:19:48

"Edginess" is a copycat.
» Nuttz on 2008-02-06 11:51:18



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