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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Sunday. 6.10.07 3:53 pm
We were riding down the road, and this guy passes us, visibly headbanging, and rocking his arm out of the window... It was amusing.

I found my spicy hot v8! I hope it's everything I expect it to be. I know it won't be, as is my luck. :/

I wish they'd had it in the little cans, and not the 46oz jug... Oh well.

Update: YEAH! It's exactly what I was looking for! :D

I measured the hole in the ceiling that her highness wanted me to measure. It's about 4 feet by two feet... and around a vent. I definitely think it'd be much better for her to hire someone to do it.

I went shopping yesterday. Well... not seriously shopping. We set out with a plan. It ended up that we went out to a mall about 30 minutes away, stopping at stores on the way to and back. We decided to go to an awesome Korean shop, but then I changed my mind, and we went to a thrift store. Then we went back in the opposite direction, to get to another thrift store, but they were both closed, so we went to the little Korean shop near there.

I bought some mugicha/boricha (boricha, because it's a Korean bottle, haha). It's interesting, kinda unique aftertaste, so I couldn't drink the whole bottle in one go. It's still tasty, but definitely something to drink in small chunks until I get used to it.

Wish I could find bottles of the genmaicha... that stuff is awesome.

I still think V8 is nasty.
» randomjunk on 2007-06-10 04:22:10

Right back on top! And V8 rules.
» DarkDragonKnight on 2007-06-10 05:18:29

I never tried V8... I'll have to add that to my "things to do before I die" list.
» ManOfDarkSunglasses on 2007-06-10 06:14:19

Thanks for the advice on the virus problem I'm having. My boss [I'm his ad sales rep/blogger/whatever he asks me to do for him person] told me to try something and if that doesn't work, I'll try out what you told me. I welcome ALL advice... I just want a good computer again.

I'm not exactly sure, but I think I nailed down why I seem to not be able to get rid of the virus, though. I'm not sure if it's possible but it only comes back when I check one of my gmail accounts... I emailed google because I think that the virus I had might have infected that account. So when I go to it, I get it back. I'm not 100% sure on that, but it's worth a try to find out.
» money4blogging on 2007-06-10 08:11:02

I'm not a big fan of V8. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of anything with the words "hot' and "spicy" in it.
» Southern on 2007-06-10 11:53:35

I can't do spicy. I'm ashamed as an italian, I am, but either way the tiniest spice has me running to stick my head under a faucet.
» Le_Jes on 2007-06-11 12:39:42

I don't really like V8. I'm glad you found the kind you were looking for.
» LostSoul13 on 2007-06-11 02:06:19

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