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Thursday. 6.7.07 3:32 pm
I swear, this woman gets on my last nerve.

I may well be 10 instead of 22.

I mean, sheesh. I tell her I have plans for stuff, and she bitches about them.

I'm trying to leave a week early, because we're going to a wedding, and if Peter is coming too, it'd be easier to take my crap up a week earlier, come back, stay at a hotel, and leave from there.

She seems to have the idea stuck in her Falwellite head that we NEED to stay at the house for the wedding. Because she doesn't want me staying in a hotel with "them two," as she puts it (with disdain in her voice, fucking bitch).

Home is an hour away from the hotel. There's fucking NOTHING to do here. We have ONE dialup line. At least in the hotel, we'd be able to walk to places to do things, more than likely have wireless internet access should we want it, and it would be closer to the wedding.

It might also sound awful, but I don't particularly care for Peter to come to my house. I have my reasons.

Anyway. She refers to Dave and pet0r as "them two" like they're diseased or something. WTF. It's Dave and pet0r. I've known Dave since freshman year. Peter was the first person I met in college that didn't live on my hall. It's not like I'm calling her up and telling her I'm staying with two random people that she's never heard of, and I've never met. But yet she refers to them as "them two". Like I hang out with a bunch of thugs, drug addicts, rapists, and other people of questionable character.

I should just leave and do what I'm going to do. I'm 22, FFS, the only reason I even bother telling her of my plans is because she pays most of my bills, and because I stay at home, and they seem to get whiny if I don't tell them EXACTLY where I'm going and EXACTLY when I'll be back, and who I'm going with...

She bitches that I need a life, to stop sitting in the room all day. Well that the fuck else is there to do? I can't go anywhere with anyone. If I do go anywhere, I have to take my brother, or chauffeur her around while she bitches and carries on in the back seat... It's less stressful to stay in my room.

Then she goes on about how she doesn't want me to leave early. She has work for me to do (that she'll bitch about, and I won't ever see). I need to tear down the house and rebuild it to the exact molecular placement with my bare hands. I need to do crap that she's had months to get done, but waits for me to come home so she can bitch at me to do it. Last I checked, my name wasn't Bob Villa, Tim Taylor, or that other handyman person with a show.

She doesn't want me to go because she "needs" me to take a three hour trip with her. She doesn't "need" me to go with her. She's made bigger trips by herself. Last I checked, she wasn't 17, going to a place that's an hour away. She doesn't need me to hold her hand whenever she's in the damn car. There are plenty of people who wouldn't mind going. My aunt and grandma always like taking trips places. Why can't they go? My brother hardly ever gets to go anywhere. Why can't he go?

She needs to fucking grow up, and she needs to back the fuck off and let me live my life for myself. It's the only way I'm going to learn anything. Otherwise, I may as well drop out of school, break up with Dave, go fuck everyone in the town and have 7 kids by 15 men, and catch every STD known to man. Oh, I forgot, I'd have to go to the local black college for business, drop out, and get a shitty job at the local asylum or something like that.

She's trying to pull the same shit she always pulls. I'm tired of it. Last time I was leaving a few days early, she decides that I should get my hair done the day we're supposed to leave, and also cancel my dentist appointment for that day. When I call her to tell her my hair is done and I can make the appointment, she doesn't answer the fucking phone. So I had to have Dave drive through the ghetto to pick me up and speed over to the dentist. I get there and find out that she's canceled the appointment, and I'd made it there no more than 5 minutes after the start. Then she tries to go on about oh, well Dave can go back without me, or they can take me back, or I can wait until Friday, bullshitbullshitbullshit. It's bad enough that we stayed a day longer than we wanted to, just to appease her, but then she says he can go back without me? He drove four fucking hours just to get me, what kind of inconsiderate bitch is she to tell him to go back without me?

I just love being home, so much. You can always tell when I'm here, because I have such long posts full of how I hate myself, my life, home, and all that entails. *shit-eating grin*

Of course, then she comes by to rub in her bitchiness. ::rolls eyes::

Fuck them.
Do what you want. I mean, it sounds like a simple and basic thing, but really, let it marinate.

Fuck them. Do what you want.

It's like Zen. Just do what you want.
» DarkDragonKnight on 2007-06-07 07:44:50

DarkDragibKnight is right.. Fuck it and do whatever you want. It's your life and she can't be bitching about it.
» Nuttz on 2007-06-07 11:43:03



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