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Saturday. 4.14.07 10:51 pm
So as NuTang knows, I'm facing a bit of an issue.

A few years ago, this girl and I were friends. She had a horrible habit of liking guys, ignoring and being rude to me, whining to me how she didn't like the guy, but hated the girl he liked, apologizing when I got mad, and doing it all over again. She ended up going out with my cousin, and being completely horrible (she stopped talking to me completely, ignored me, blocked me on AIM, etc.).

She claims it was because she "didn't know how I'd take it", it being her going out with my cousin, regardless of the fact that at least three of my friends had gone out with him in the past, and I didn't give a damn, because I don't like my cousin like that.

I eventually told her she was too dramatic, and I didn't want to talk to her anymore. I told her her apologies didn't hold any meaning, because she kept lofting them around, but then doing the exact same thing that upset me in the first place. We haven't spoken since then.

A few days ago, she messages me on the great people stalker (aka Facebook), "[my name here]... I miss you. I'm sorry for what happened a few years ago, and I want to be your friend. ...[small inside joke]... ^_^;;."

I'm not sure if I want to say "sure" or "bugger off", given our last communication. I've pondered contacting her in the past, mostly to find out what sorts of shenanigans she'd gotten herself into, not real... friendship.

I look at it like this: If I were told someone didn't want to talk to me, I wouldn't contact them. I also figure that since I'm having such a difficult time deciding, I should say yes, lest I forever wonder. Then again, I figure such doubt is a warning to stay away, she hasn't changed.

It's not like it was a horrible friendship, she just didn't know how to manage crushes and friends at the same time. I imagine that since it's years later, and she's "in a relationship", she's stabilized or cooled down a bit.

I just realized that you changed your picture over there..... Nice wig haha. :P

Hm. Well, personally I hold lifelong grudges so I would say tell her to uh... bugger off. Or you could always ask someone who's already her friend what she's like now.
» randomjunk on 2007-04-15 01:07:04

Never trust most humanoids.

But in all seriousness, I don't figure there'd be any harm in talking to her, but my thought would be to just not let her too far in the door, you know?

Also, Impalas weren't generically black and first, but now it's getting so if you drive a Caprice or an Impala you MUST be black. I blame TI, personally.
» DarkDragonKnight on 2007-04-15 02:36:13

i reckon give her another chance ^_^ although this time, be more cautious? ^_^ let her know you're gonna be cautious cos of what she's done in the past tho, i think, cos otherwise she might be like 'omw why arent you talking to me properly?!' if you ever act distant towards her? =]

but yeah i'd say give her another chance, but if she blows this one...


» Kuri on 2007-04-15 02:59:34

Time does help the ageing process... Maybe she's changed for the better? I'd give her another chance - a wary chance - and see what happens!

And good God.. I hope I don't end up like her :-S
» LittleBrit on 2007-04-15 04:00:16

I think you should just answer her back but keep it to facebook and wall-writing, no messaging and for heaven's sake no poking, I mean, really. Because facebook friendship isn't real friendship, it's just acquaintance...ship. And the only way to totally get rid of somebody you've had a huge fight with is to make up with them, sort of, and then slowly drift apart. Otherwise there will always be residual drama. But promise that if she says, "I hope you don't think ill of me" that you say, "That presumes I think of you at all."
cause I love that one.
» Zanzibar on 2007-04-15 06:46:35

sometimes its better to give people a second chance, but then again not always. I'd go for it, but like Kuri said, I'd be cautious and not charge right into it. Give it a few weeks time to decide whether it was worth allowing the second chance or not.
» LostSoul13 on 2007-04-16 12:58:19

*agrees with everyone who says give her another chance*

if the friendship wasn't that horrible, maybe she's matured since then? people, sometimes, change. you never know, it's always fun to reunite with people. hopefully, she doesn't blow it again..
» Haiyu on 2007-04-16 05:06:23

If I'm in your shoes, I'd say yes but won't bother to talk to her unless she talks to me and most of the time, I won't really pay much attention to what she's saying.
» Nuttz on 2007-04-16 06:21:01



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