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To Whomever it is that Breaks NuTang:
Saturday. 3.31.07 4:17 pm
I'm going to be a bit immature with this, but I'm sure the sentiment is shared by the NuTang community.


Get a life, find something else to do. NuTang hasn't done anything to you for you to keep uploading whatever software it is that keeps fucking up the site.

It's not cool.

Oh, so we're mean? I've already discussed this.

We're only mean because we're tired of jackasses such as yourself doing the things you do. We come here to blog, have fun, and make a few dollars as an afterthought. There is more to life than making money, and the majority of NuTang is aware of that. Perhaps it's because we've been here for that long to know that NuTang isn't about the money, it's about the people.

Whoever you are, no one here likes you.

Whoever you are, you're making dave look bad.

Whoever you are, you probably shouldn't be here, because you're violating the TOS

Whoever you are... you suck. With teeth.

Whoever you are, I'm going to remind you once again: STOP IT.

Now, if I want to go edit this post, I can't, because you've broken NuTang, for the umpteenth time. Ok, I can, if I mess with things. That's not the point.

I hope you're happy. Actually, I hope you're quite unhappy, even emo. Go get laid or something.

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Morpheus LittleBrit Princess_00 Nuttz Le_Jes ikimashokie LostSoul13 elessar257 brittybratty8907 hmdaswani stlcardsgal86 thaitanic merrick Chloefoxx PsychoEnigma Dilated AmbyrJayde Silver-dot- CPKviperpheonix frostbitten catatonicloki babiemidnightbabiemagic

Amen! Well said!
» Kirei on 2007-03-31 04:50:07

Those are pear trees?! I thought they were just plain trees. Hahaha!
Yeah! There are some near my school and when I run through there, I end up smelling like un-fresh fish.
» Mockiller on 2007-03-31 05:30:50

lol, I copied kirei :D
I couldn't think of any other way to re-word what kirei said (which is also what I had in mind to say) but well said :D Well, I guess I agree would have also worked... ;)
» Morpheus on 2007-03-31 05:51:53

Well done dear, well done!
» LittleBrit on 2007-03-31 06:25:25

way to tell 'em. sometimes being immature is the only way.
» bananaface on 2007-03-31 08:43:19

You go!!!! You so rock, lol....
» Princess_00 on 2007-03-31 10:41:12

» Noacat on 2007-04-01 12:37:47

Suck with teeth that means YOU BITE!!! Friggen loser!
» kkama67 on 2007-04-01 02:58:34

Well said, iki!
» Nuttz on 2007-04-01 05:19:25

how did I miss this entry? as others have stated: well said Iki, well said.
» LostSoul13 on 2007-04-02 12:41:03

» helloiloveyou on 2007-04-02 06:37:32

Given that Nutang is a free service, we should commend everyone who did put in the effort of making this a community, a better community... Thanks Iki

We should also be thankful to Dave for all the efforts he vested into this site. It was his idea that started to keep on flourishing. We could complain (as what I did) about the Avatar, but given the development on why this happened, I now feel guilty complaining in the first place. Thanks again.

For whoever does not feel like they want to be part of the Nutang community: no one requires you to be here, and like a party, if you hate the party, leave and do something else you would consider more productive, or worth your time.
» hmdaswani on 2007-04-03 05:51:28

Hey Hey Hey
You can't upload anything to nutang. Dave doesn't let us. What I was doing before was puting a button that brings you to another site where you upload my shows. So don't point the finger at me or others who where doing the same as me.
» catatonicloki on 2007-04-04 12:42:19

So learn the facts before you go and blab your mouth off!

Dave probably was fixing something and this had to happen in order to fix it
» catatonicloki on 2007-04-04 12:44:04

The only thing thats ever uploaded is the pictures
» catatonicloki on 2007-04-04 12:44:40

People like you who go and blame someone knowing nothing about it really piss me off
» catatonicloki on 2007-04-04 12:45:31

For someone who goes to college your not very smart
» catatonicloki on 2007-04-04 12:47:18

Breaking nuTang? Hmm, doesn't sound likely.
» le_battement on 2007-04-15 09:32:25

Very well said Iki.
» babiemidnightbabiemagic on 2007-05-04 07:34:30

Very well, that well comes to an end.
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