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Crazy like a bedbug!
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Thursday. 3.22.07 3:03 pm
I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Homework due Monday and Tuesday, project Wednesday. more homework thursday.

Perhaps by then I'll be feeling better.

On a personal note of annoyance, I've noticed that certain people are hanging around and being god-awful whiny.

Seriously, if I didn't know any better, I'd say they were 4... "WEH! I annoyed you, it's all your fault, you hate me, wah wah wah!"

Oh well. I'm going to ignore them, because I've got better things to do with my time than worry about not hurting some kid's feelings.

I'm sitting in the hallway waiting for my lab to open up, but I haven't finished the prelab because I don't remember how I got the numbers I got.

I need to get my hair done for my interview tomorrow, I hope this lab doesn't take that long so I can go get it done tonight.

I hope the place I'm going by doesn't charge an arm and a leg... they always seem to want to.

I'm hungry, but I have lab, and by the time I get food, I'll be late for lab.

I do dislike that about Thursdays, I have to make sure to eat a hearty breakfast, lest I get ravenous in the latter part of the day.

It's warm out today, I don't know if I want to go for a walk when I get back, or if I want to try and fly my kite, or I don't know. Maybe I'll drink... but I don't particularly feel too drinky.

Dave is starting to get sick, so he'll probably be a bit grumbly.
I'll have to get some cough syrup and whatnot so he'll feel better.

We went to get his car yesterday, and there wasn't any fee for it, because it was under warranty... :p

Sure his poem was a bit whiney and from a "victim's" point of view, but he's 15. Cut him some slack, with age comes wisdom...usually.
» Katrina on 2007-03-22 03:40:42

Wow...I rarely go back to see what comments other people make so I missed cata's comment...just wow...
» Katrina on 2007-03-22 04:25:46

Yeah, I admit he uh.... needs some work........... probably feels picked on because he thinks he's doing a good thing, ripping DVDs that nobody really wants...
» randomjunk on 2007-03-22 08:47:20

haha. i saw your comment on my blog. but i dont know how to communicate with ya so i decided to post a comment. how'd you recover yourself? can teach me?

» ian-rvc on 2007-03-22 11:03:21

Hang in there okay!
» Toowit on 2007-03-22 11:21:12

Good luck with the homework and interview.. hope you'll be able to get your hair done and not fall sick.
» Nuttz on 2007-03-23 12:31:17

Hope your interview goes well.

Remember that they love it when you use the phrase "I keeps it trill."
» DarkDragonKnight on 2007-03-23 02:23:39

You made Dave sick!!!!!

We wanna see your hair when it's done :-D
» LittleBrit on 2007-03-23 09:39:45

Now I feel like flying a kite.
» Mockiller on 2007-03-23 11:29:41



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