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Oh, beings that are...
Friday. 2.9.07 12:49 pm
You make me laugh.

As everyone knows, I hate Fields. I think it's a ridiculous class, and a waste of time going. Even today, a guy had fallen asleep and was snoring loudly in class.

I've been feeling seriously bad the past few days, it started with gut-angry on Wednesday, a headache followed up with super-gut-angry yesterday, and today, the British, with massive gut-angry and cramps.

Sign one that I shouldn't go to fields.

I'm begrudgingly getting ready to leave, late, as I've decided there is no need to leave a full 30 minutes before class. I could get to class 30 minutes late, and I wouldn't miss anything.

While I'm pondering all of this, the doorbell rings. Crap! I live here, but I don't... oh well, I figure it's the front door, I scurry out to answer it, and no one is there. I scurry to the back, no one is there, either. I scurry back to the front, and I see a package. FOR ME! What is it?

It's my hat! Huzzah!

So I figure the beings that are want me to be late, because I now have a seriously awesome hat that's toasty. I finish getting ready, and realize that it's probably rude to have gotten my hat, but not checked the mail. Perhaps my bra came today.

I open the mailbox.

There's a package.

FOR ME! Yay! Two packages in a day! I've never gotten that much attention from USPS. I figure it's my bra, because damnit, I need my bra. My shoulders are starting to hurt from the exercising with my crappy bra.

This package is a big envelope, doubled over, and taped to hell. I figure, it must be my bra, because I've been waiting and waiting and damnit I want it. Then I notice it's the bootleg trimfitslim thing I ordered on ebay. So I go to open it, which takes a while, because it's taped beyond belief.

Obviously the beings that are don't want me to go to fields. Too bad, I'm going anyway.

I went to fields, and damn if I did not feel like I was going to die.

Stupid horse.

I love getting stuff in the mail. :P It's such a wonderful feeling.
» randomjunk on 2007-02-09 06:41:26

But if it weren't for your horse, you never would have spent those three(?) years in college.

» etheracide on 2007-02-10 12:16:20

yeah someone was telling you something. But hey i never went either...that is why it took me 7 years. hahaha! Plus I love packages...I never get them, but I love them!
» pyrogrrl12 on 2007-02-11 12:24:20

I love packages, they are so shiny. :D
» ryan444123 on 2007-02-11 04:44:38



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