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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
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A not so Important Entry...
Sunday. 1.21.07 1:51 am
I'll make an unimportant entry now.

I'm a bit annoyed, my teachers have been saying they'll put up assignments one day, put them up DAYS later, and they're still due the same day as they were in the first place.

Because my teachers are insane, I have between yesterday and Tuesday to read and absorb two chapters of nonsense (I still have to buy the book).

I have between 11a yesterday morning and Thursday to do 10 problems.

Granted, the problems are boolean algebra, they shouldn't be difficult.
The reading ... is for Professionalism. I'm sure it's something super boring.

I just hope the chapters aren't long.

I think I might stay in my shiny new room tonight, since I have to walk from here to there at 11a. I can wake up, do some work, eat breakfast... but then again, I still have to wash my bedding, because I don't trust Princess or her friends...

Macey says that random craziness seems to follow her about...so we'll see how that goes. She still seems pretty cool.

I've got an important to make... I'll make it later. :p

Yup... later sounds good.

I have no idea why...
I just immediately start reading entries with titles such as this. Perhaps I shy away from blog entries of great import or where anyone gets "high and mighty" or something to that effect and I feel more comfortable with entries where the authors themselves feel that the entry was pointless. Or perhaps I simply found it humorous.
» etheracide on 2007-01-21 08:58:55

How fucking ironic.
» ranor on 2007-01-21 11:47:53

Get to work, no procrastinating. Why haven't you closed out your blog savings here. :(
» ryan444123 on 2007-01-21 02:31:47

Can't you tell them they haven't put up the assignments? I mean if you sound genuinely concerned they might try right...?
» randomjunk on 2007-01-21 02:56:43

well... it's something that's NOT in japan... because no one that's grown up in japan has ever been reported with crohnes disease... i have a theory though... that maybe it's from holding farts in... it seems plausible.
» ThisCharmingMan on 2007-01-21 04:43:36

Teachers always do crazy things.
» cricket on 2007-01-21 04:56:51

[sings] schoool days, schoool days.. wonderful, wondeful school days.
» ThisCharmingMan on 2007-01-22 02:19:23

Iki~! =D

Good luck for your assignments. Even if the reading topic looks so boring. ^^;
» razzly on 2007-01-22 01:17:31



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