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Friday. 1.5.07 3:41 pm
Of course her highness has "things" for me to do.

That she never tells me what/how to do.

Of course, I tell her I'm leaving Wednesday, she starts bitching. Like she bitches about everything. Loudly.

And of course, as always, she has to find some way to rub it in.

"Well you might not be able to get a dentist appt until later in the week"

No shit, bitch.

She always does bullshit like this, like she needs me to do these things. She's had forever to do them herself, but no, it's somehow my job.

She needs to replace the kitchen floor? That's my job.
She needs to do her taxes and get the forms/books? That's my job.
She needs to check my brother's homework? Obviously my job.
She needs to type things for her business to open? At least I get paid... Not that I asked to do it.
Can't find her keys? Teeth? Etc.? Obviously I know where she put them.
She needs to do this? That? Other? All my job.

Last I checked, none of my official papers said that my name was either Jessica D. Handywoman, H.R. Jess, Teacher Jess (with underpants), or General Slave

Of course, she won't shut up about what everyone else says and does. So and so did this. So and so did that. Shit that no one cares about.

I'm not allowed to think for myself, oh no. So and so said that such and such, and therefore they're absolutely correct.

Regardless of the fact that whatever so and so said doesn't make a lick of sense.

I can't buy bras at The Great Satan. They don't make them in my size.
She swears I need support, but she keeps trying to tell me that so and so is MUCH bigger than I am, and they can find bras.

She forgets that when she says bigger, they are BIGGER. I'm a 34-36. These people are 44+. But obviously that doesn't matter, because so and so says this and that.

I come home for break, and it's never a break. It's always bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit. I don't expect to come home and do absolutely nothing, but damn. I can't go anywhere, because of whatever. I can't do anything, because of something else. God forbid I actually have a friend around here that I want to spend time with, I can't, because she needs me to do something ridiculous that she won't ever tell me what it is.

I can't lock the door, because someone will come pounding at it and start bitching that it's locked. I can't even close the fucking door, because someone will walk in.
I can't leave my things in my room, because someone will come rifling through them. Regardless of what I may or may not have and don't want people to see.

No privacy at all. None. 0.

I may as well stay in school year round. I'd be much less stressed. I'd have privacy, and time to myself, and at least the bullshit would be bullshit, not just stupidity.

I have a feeling I've made this post before.

I'm hungry, and I don't care to leave my room.
Oh well.

Are her highness and you-know-who the same person? 0.0 Let's get a place together away from their voices, eyes, and hands.
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