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I'm going to cut HP.
Thursday. 12.28.06 10:15 pm
So I call to ask if I should ship my HDD with my laptop. I figure, it's all hardware/physical problems, shouldn't be a problem. Nope, gotta send in the HDD. Busy taking porn and other stuff off now. :p (not really with the porn)

Then I'm told that there are 17 days left on my warranty.

There's no way in hell this could be correct, I purchased the super mega hyper ultra warranty from HP! It's registered! I checked it OCD style for at least a week! I KNOW it's registered!

I call back ask what the hell is going on, and am told that I need to fax a paper to HP. I got a case number and a fax number.

So I schedule a pickup with Fed-ex, go get the Care Pack, and call HP after checking their website to see whether or not the stupid warranty was registered. It's registered and associated with my laptop, and my laptop is associated with the warranty. The only problem I can see is that the warranty registration wouldn't let me put in #ABA, the last 4 characters of my Product Number. Even still, the serial number shows up with this laptop. Why do I need to fax the certificate if HP lists my warranty as registered and associated with this computer? Why is it that I have this box with an "Priority Overnight" label? Surely 1 year limited warranty doesn't call for that.

This guy decide to ask for an order number. I ordered the pack back in January, and have reformatted MANY times since then. Of course I forgot to save/backup that email. But it was in January, it's listed on my acct that my mother paid for it, and I've got it in my hands.

So then he asks for the order number that begins with "ach/atch"(like watch with no w). I have no clue what number starts with that, so I'm frantically searching my papers, and find an order number on the Certificate. So then he tells me, like I'm stupid, that. the. number. begins. with. ATCH. Whatever atch is.

So after much whatever, he then decides to tell me that it's The Great Evil's job to update the warranty. IT'S NOT THEIRS! o.O I tell him this, and he goes off in search of more information.

Eventually I manage to explain it to him clearly enough that 1) I bought the computer from Evil. 2) I bought the warranty in January. 3) I don't have the shipping/order info, because I bought it over 10 months ago. 4) I have the Care Pack and certificates sitting right in front of me. 5) I just want to know why it is that their website lists my warranty as Registered and associated with this computer, but yet it's not in their system, and I have to fax them something.

So he gives me a number to Warranty Services.


So tomorrow, when I wake up, I have to call 1) HP Warranty before Fed-Ex comes to pick up my laptop; 2) Cigna, because a) my birthay is WRONG, and 2) I've managed to lose coverage, because Va Tech can't send letters of verification of Full Time Status.

I need a face that sighs, closes its eyes, and shakes its head.

Ugh, I hate that! It's so annoying--especially when the other person gets frustrated with YOU because you have to be the one who's "wrong" and they don't even know what's going on. Or you explain it thousands of times and they still don't get it.

The smiley shouls be: *blink* and walk away.
» Silver-dot- on 2006-12-29 01:22:00



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