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Guh, sometimes I don't even know.
Wednesday. 3.8.06 4:50 pm
So I tell my dad that I'm going to be needing glasses soon.
First thing out of his mouth: "I don't know if I've got the money for that"
Understandable at first glance, I can deal.
Then we go to get Coby, and
horror of horrors
he's forgotten the fucking cigarette carton coupon...

When the cigs cost at least a tenth of my glasses.

When he doesn't need to be smoking anyway...

::remembers to put on collar::

Especially when hes spending god only knows how much on a sammich sized bag of weed...

Wonder how many pairs of glasses that could buy...

So I'm pissed as it is, because even though I'm sure I could survive for a few months w/ the glasses I've got, he decides that he needs cigarettes.

He always puts his wants before everyone elses needs...

It really pisses me off.

So we're in the car, and mom had asked him to get something, and he starts to go on about how he doesn't have money to waste.


He doesn't have money to waste. But yet he's going to buy a carton of cigarettes, and spend 20 dollars on a phone battery when he could buy a decent phone for less than that.

So I called him on it, and he says "it's his money, he can do what he wants with it".

What the fuck, if that's the case, why the hell does he have two kids?

So I tell him to take me home, because I don't want to be in the car anymore. Of course he gets all pissy, about this and that, and how I seem to hate everyone now.

No, I'm just pissed that he ALWAYS seems to put himself before his kids/other things that should probably be put first.

Whenever he buys chicken (every other day) he takes all the chicken legs, because they're his favorite part. They're my brothers as well, but guess who doesn't get any chicken legs?

I'm surprised, I haven't gotten pissed at my mom at all since I've been home.
I could at least understand if she said "I don't have money to waste", it's at least because she's paying my tutition and books, a house, and her business that she's trying to set up. She's got loads of bills, even if most of them are self-incurred or because of me.

Now my non-rant.

My mom just said "You coulda been down in Florida... at the beach! You know, girls gone wild?" Me: wtf?

She's talking about how she didn't want to come home for breaks... I can't say I've really wanted to go home for a break other than this one, and others freshman year, so I could see Kat/Stinky/Mini-stinkies.

I went with ma to the hospital to see grandpa (dad's dad). They moved him down to the long term care wing, because he's gotta go through therapy and whatnot.

He doesn't seem too conviced that things are going to get better, but he looks like he's doing well, at least in his eyes. A lot of people that aren't doing well, you can see it in their eyes. His eyes still look... lively? Grandpa will be fine, regardless of what he thinks.

He looked glad to see me, and started poking fun at my habit of saying "Oh, I'm fine" whenever someone asks me a question.

That's going to be one hell of a hospital bill, though.



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