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School. Boston Univ
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2/3/08 (sunday)
Did I ever tell anyone how, after I surf a few pages on Nutang, the pages just stop loading? Yeah, that's been happening for a while. It's kinda been discouraging me from commenting people and being on Nutang now. Sorry?

There was a play today that I really wanted to watch at PC that had two of my friends (who were probably the only two freshmen in the play anyway) in it, but I couldn't go because no one would go with me. I don't want to show up at the play myself, do I? Plus, my mom had to pick up my dad from his job in Newark around the same time, and that's just way too far for her to drive.
Oh yeah, and on the way to Newark, we were driving through Belleville instead of going on a highway or something, and I realized that that half of my town is really... ghetto. Like, robbery and spraypaint ghetto. I see why my parents don't want me to go to the public school here. I feel really snobby for saying that, though.

I actually have to write an essay for history right now. "Conflicts between Sunni and Shiites - Interpret conflict between what they believe - interpretation of Korean in different ways." My history teacher is crazy. Our midterm was fifty multiple choice questions, then five short answers (which have to be one huge paragraph each - "They're 'short' answers but they are NOT short, ladies and gentlemen.") and one, full five paragraph essay, all to be done in an hour and a half. I didn't finish the essay and I started freaking out, but I ended up getting a pretty damn good 96, so it's all good. Oh hey, I got off topic.

Oh man, I want something else to write here so I don't have to write about history stuff. History stuff is boring.

Every day, upon arriving home, I play Rock Band. I've been beast at guitar since the summer, since I would play it almost every day for lack of anything better to do. I can't sing in the first place, but I try. I love playing the drums though, the song "Maps" is really fun to do and I play it pretty much every time I get to play the drums, period. I tried singing and playing the guitar yesterday too! It's really fun. Hard, but fun. Probably like how singing and playing the guitar is in reality! I can do that with the song "Wonderwall" but the chords I use are different from the real ones anyway, and I can't get the bridge down right. Whatever! I should learn the drums in real life too.
On that same note, I think I'll try entering the music program at my school next year. I didn't do it this year for several reasons. One, they asked for people interested to come at the beginning of the year when I was feeling really down about myself and I didn't have any friends. Two, I'm only 'okay' at the piano and I never practice, though I have been playing for around four years and I have some skillz. I play some songs really well, but if I don't like the song, I don't practice it. Third, the music director already plays the piano, and I can't play any other instrument. I saw a girl play the piano at one of the school masses a while ago, but she was really good and didn't mess up. It's impossible for me to play the piano without messing up at least once. And in front of the freshman and sophomore classes, combined, about eight hundred kids? I don't think I could take that. Nobody would care, since nobody pays attention to mass anyway, tsk tsk, but it would eat away at me, seriously.

I'm really nervous about playing softball for PC. I've only been to one out of three workouts, and I nearly fainted at the one I went to because I didn't have water and I hadn't done anything physical before then (besides jogging on the treadmill once every, what, two weeks? and some lifting). I've been starting to exercise more often, though, because not being able to keep up while everyone else is jogging is embarassing as hell. I really want to make the team though - I love playing softball and playing a sport will make me feel less like a loser!

My friends and I have started a youth group at their church! I don't go to their church or anything, but I used to, and I feel like I'm giving back to my old church by participating and planning all this cool stuff for the youth of the parish. That's the thing, though, I feel bad because I don't really contribute to the planning process because I'm really quiet and I don't have a lot of ideas. I do, however, like helping out, and I'll take whatever I can get, right? That doesn't make sense.
Youth group's helped me keep in touch with a bunch of my friends, though, and make a bunch of new ones as well. For one, my friends and I rarely see each other anymore since we don't go to the same schools anymore, so I get to see at least one of them at youth group every Sunday. (It's kind of made me dislike some of my friends though - out of all of the friends that I asked, only two of them went - the only two that actually go to that parish - and one of them has pretty much stopped going. Well, whatever.) I'm the only one there that goes to my school so I've met a lot of people that go to public schools, the Mount, one kid even goes to Regis in New York. I've been keeping up with my other friends through myspace and facebook and all that jazz, but it's really better to keep up with people face-to-face, right?

I write really long entries for Nutang. I don't know why. I should start on that essay now.

Yes you do write long entries lol, Wouldn't it be awesome if you could user those for essays? I havent played rock band yet but I kinda look forward to it. I've been boycotrting the new guitar hero as well bc I'm a fanatic for the guitar hero I've come to know and love lol. Good luck with the softball and youth group planning too lol.
» lyndeep on 2008-02-05 09:09:40

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