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High school!
9/25/07 (tuesday)
I haven't blogged about this yet, right?
Yeah I haven't.

So I just started high school! My orientation day was three weeks ago as of tomorrow, but it seems so much longer.
I've met a bunch of new people but I haven't really made any "friends" yet. But to be fair, I don't consider people friends until I'm comfortable enough to give them a nickname. That's my standard. And usually, three weeks is too short for that kinda trust to be happening.

To fill up space, I'll tell you guys about my classes!
My English class isn't horrible, it's just a normal class. The teacher has amazing eyes though, it's distracting. I can't look him in the eyes, it's just weird.
My biology teacher this year was my old homeroom/science teacher last year, which is fantastic! Everyone else seems so intimidated by him, but my other old classmates and I take it in stride because we're already used to him. It sucks for my old school though, since he transfered, now they have the old synergistics teacher that I can't imagine actually teaching something.
Physical education (I really needed to type that out, I'm sorry) is actually pretty cool! For the last two periods, I've taken the nature walk around the park that surrounds the school campus (or is it still school property? I'm not even sure; the way my teacher explained it was strange). I'd use the weight room, but that is almost always filled with guys and I'd feel uncomfortable. Besides, I've actually grown to like walking in the forest over the past two periods.
My Christian growth teacher is... strange. Almost bipolar in a way. She can be really happy one minute, and if someone asks her a sarcastic question or makes her angry, she can go off on them in a snap, and then go back to her perky ways. She's a good teacher, but she tends to ramble on also.
Lunch just sucks because I have nobody to sit with most days. I'm finding some people to sit with now, though, so that should be good. I really need to meet people (see above).
Spanish II Honors is way too hard for me. Well, "way too hard" is an exaggeration, but it goes way further than whatever we covered last year. I don't think I want to switch though, for the sole reason that I kinda feel up to the challenge.
(School hasn't really been "tough" for me since seventh grade, and that was only because of the homework load. I knew all the material then, and I'm blindly flipping through my Spanish-English dictionary this year.)
Oh, and I don't want to learn the numbers and colors for the millionth time. Transferring out of honors would screw me over too, because my scholarship requires an all-honors curriculum. So either way, I guess I'm stuck with it. Oh, and the teacher's pretty cool but she can move through things pretty quickly (though that's probably the whole 'honors' thing kicking in).
(I wrote a lot just about Spanish class.)
World History is really cool, but at the same time it bores me to death. See, the teacher is amazing; he's in-your-face, focuses on class participation, and has the kind of booming voice that you could distinguish out of a crowd (does that make sense?) but the subjects that he covers are so dull that I nearly nod off taking notes. I don't know if I love or hate this class.
And geometry is awesome. The class is pretty much all sophomores (except for me and two other people; which is kinda like Spanish class, but I should've mentioned that earlier) and I feel so awesome because I understand it better than some of them. This one guy got all red-faced and stuttered when he couldn't understand an algebra problem that I got in, like, two seconds. And the teacher is pretty cool and funny too, even though he kinda plays favorites, but that's all right because he makes fun of them and puts everyone's attention on them, and I'm not into that kinda stuff.

[looks back]
Wow, I progressively got more detailed! I should add something to English. Yeah I've got nothing. That class is just whatever.

Oh yeah, so this is my first year taking the bus! We've already been late once, because we ran over a tree branch and it cracked a window, and I've been so close to being late! but my homeroom teacher didn't count it because I walked in a little after the bell. I also got lost going from biology to Christian growth, but I'm pretty sure everyone's gotten lost at least once, right?

Thinking about it now, my school isn't as big as I thought it would be.

I think I'll find something else to write later because nutang rocks and I've abandoned it.

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