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lucky cha cha cha!

Age. 25
Gender. Female
Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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this is my site // disclaimer
P.S. The passwords to protected entries will always be "watermelon" as for 9/27/06. For all password protected entries before then, just ask me for it but most likely the password it "pleasedont".
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oh jeez
5/10/07 (thursday)
Not really a nutang person anymore, I am.

In a "PC freshmen 07 c/o 2011" board thingie on myspace

"imma 8th grader cummin der nex year n i been der b4 most of yall since mii brotha mitch first started so yea ill be der doin it up so dont say lil eighth graders cuz rememba uhhh*YALL USED 2 B3 LIL EIGHTH GRADERS*
mii brothaz mitch n gerard luvz yall 1!!im out!!~
~*♥LaDii Bi A.k.A. {G!ggL3z} R.O.D.B. Da FuCk ^Up^ HATERZ DA FUCK UP SIDE DOWN!!!

I am so screwed. So I heard between PC and Bloomfield High, you're better off at Bloomfield High. Which is a huge stretch, because BHS has a really, REALLY bad reputation. I still really want to go to the Mount, but it's way too late for that now. And I'd hate to leave Will alone there without anyone to hang out with. Well, maybe he'd hang out with Matt or something but now I'm just rambling.
So anyway, I heard that Andrew might be going to PC. Which probably isn't true, but I really heard from him that he doesn't really want to go to Seton Hall, it's just what's expected from him. But, thank God, he's not going to BHS.

I can still tell Alyssa's mad at me for telling Mike about Andrew. I still kinda wish that I sat at the same seat as I did that one day in math class before everyone HAD to move around. When I was sitting next to Andrew and by Derek and Will. We just talked the whole time, mostly about Alyssa though. We called her bipolar - which is probably is - because one minute she's totally pissed about something and pissed at you, while the next day she's really hyper and acts like your friend, especially if she needs the answers to the Spanish worksheet. We also called her a hypocrite, because she so obviously is as well. One day she talks about how she's over Andrew and severely tells me to shut up when I mention his name and the next she's drooling over him all over again, monitoring his every move and criticizing him for not devoting one hundred percent of his time to her unconditionally, even though, as one of the "jocks", he has decidedly more friends to hang out with. Which is okay, good, fine and dandy for him, but Alyssa just has to realize that.
I also told Andrew that Alyssa's obsessed with him, which she is in a way, and Derek started chanting "Alyssa and Jamie! Alyssa and Jamie!" Jamie was a girl in sixth grade that was, to sum it all up, my competition for Andrew's affections. Needless to say, neither of us ever really won his heart. Jamie, however, was way more into the game than I was and was borderline stalking him. I can see the resemblance.

My softball team's 7-1-0, but that's just 'cause all the other teams suck.

About one more month until we graduate. Holy shit.

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