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Age. 25
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Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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10/4/06 (wednesday)
There's this kindergartener in my school that apparently has cancer, right? So we're having a tag day (my school has uniforms - on tag days you can wear your own clothes for a fee of usually $1) to help raise money for him. Among the first questions asked by my parents about him...
Mom: "How old is he?"
Me: "3 years old, it says."
Dad: "Is he Filipino?"
Me: "Uh.. [reads his last name, which doesn't sound Filipino]. (mumbling) what does it matter... he's a three year old with cancer..."

And on TFC, it's always the featured performer and, like, a million backup dancers. They're all doing the same routine, sometimes the backup dancers actually have better dance moves. And in some cases, more often than not, the featured performer sucks harder than their backup dancers. Which pisses me off so much, since they're the only ones that get credit.

I've been thinking about what would happen if my friends and I had a fall out. Like, how it can't just be Michelle and Caitlin, they need a third person. And I've been thinking, since I'm getting into American bands now, which is Caitlin's turf, she might get pissed or something at me for "ruining" her bands. I'm just listening to "ruined" leftovers of ILUSM like Cartel and hellogoodbye, but I've been thinking about what would happen if I told her. She's way to protective of her bands, once ILUSM starts "listening" (a.k.a. one song, which she doesn't get) they're totally ruined and you can't listen. Then I'm thinking about her yelling at me for listening to what ILUSM listens (read: listened) to, and then another thing will happen like that whole deal with me and Alyssa fighting over Ciara, when I'm just looking out for the best for people I get messed up.

Apathy and laziness are so annoying. Alyssa's been holding off getting stuff for our join Spanish project because "she's too lazy to look for it". WTF MAN it's a friggin assignment! Just because your grades for any of your last years at STA or SHS don't count because you're just gonna follow your brother and sister to a public high school which you apparently chose in first grade doesn't mean I have to suffer and take all of the work while you just fail and get into high school anyway!


Group projects are the worst, there's always one slacker.

Good luck on it.
» Chloefoxx on 2006-10-04 10:47:05

I like your command of language. Really impressive.
» Dilated on 2006-10-04 11:38:46

This spicy stayed there just long enough.

Yeah.. people like that for group projects suck. :/ Definitely had my share of people who didn't do anything. At all. Then they whined when we didn't give them any thing to do.
» ikimashokie on 2006-10-08 02:07:48

=O a 3 yr old with cancer??? ;_; that's so depressing ;_;

and i'm not sure what TFC is, but yeah, i definately agree with that ¬_¬ in China, the featured dancer must be at LEAST 10x better than the rest otherwise she'd have no chance of survival =3 which is why i like watching Chinese dances more XDDDD

heh heh... the group projects thing... if one slacks, the rest of the group kick her up the backside to work =3 simple as =3 if she still slacks, we either try to kick her out, or just never work with her again ^^;

thank you for your offer!! *heart* gosh i'm so sorry, i didnt see it until i said yes to my online twin, Sylphie, in the tagboard! x_x;; i kinda went to my site, saw the tagboard and didnt see the comment you'd left me! ;_;

thank you for your offer though! *heart*


» Kuri on 2006-10-09 04:19:15

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