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Age. 25
Gender. Female
Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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open house!
9/24/06 (sunday)
I went to the QP open house today. Church ran mad late because the Homily the priest was doing, though it was really good and I could pay attention to it, ran reaaaallllyyyy long. So by the time we got the school and parked and everything, since the parking was friggin nonexistant, it was already 2. Anyway...

(working from that High School Survey thing that Mr. Mulligan assigned us)
+ The school overall looks pretty easy to navigate.
+ Really up-to-date technology. Well, they were making a huge deal about smart boards, which we had at SHS even! but at least they have PCs. And they have macs too, but they're not the shitty macs that STA has.
+ I couldn't really tell a lot from the teachers besides the fact that they're demanding. But in a good way. And apparently, that one religion teacher is like, everybody's favorite.
+ [school population not mentioned]
+ There were flyers on the lockers about a Creative Writing club, and they have a literary journal and a school newspaper. So that's good with the writing!
+ From what I saw, the student body seemed pretty cool. As for obidient, I think they're good with that too. Except that STA alum that didn't listen to the teacher correctly and kept doing the wrong things while helping out XD
+ The staff didn't seem really strict or lenient. Actually, the staff looked pretty nice and friendly, from what I saw.
+ About ten or so minutes from home. But I'll probably take the bus anyway.
+ Softball and volleyball teams check.
- No scholarships apparently.

So unless my parents like, totally fall in love with PC, I think this'll be my number one choice. Well it will be my number one choice since I haven't been to PC or Saint Mary's, but I mean, this one seems the best so far. PC already has that transportation problem, though they have a bus too.

Oh gosh, I better submit my co-op form and WORK ON MY HOMEWORK. Holy shit, I forgot my timeline at Broad. DAMN!

P.S. I got really pissed at my parents when the whole tour was over. See, it was 3:45 and the PC open house was until 4 (well 4:15, but we didn't know that). So I was like, "If we hurry up we can make it!" and they're like, "No, if we leave now we'll only get there by maybe 4:10."
SO WE SAT THERE FOR 15 MINUTES. I was like, shit, does it take a half hour just to get to the school? And I don't think they understand what the times for an open house are, it means that the LAST TOUR is around the closing time. I mean, why would they say the closing time is 4 when the last tour goes around maybe 3:30, unless they say something about the in advance? GOSH. That was pissing me off so much because now I have no clue about what PC is like.

(excuse me saying gosh, I hate Napoleon Dynamite but I just got back from touring a school where religion is really important and it's rubbed off on me >.>)

Yeah... anything will rub off onto you if you hang around long enough. :/

I keep telling my parents not to force me to be christian but they don't believe me when I tell them that...
» randomjunk on 2006-09-24 05:48:30

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