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lucky cha cha cha!

Age. 25
Gender. Female
Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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this is my site // disclaimer
P.S. The passwords to protected entries will always be "watermelon" as for 9/27/06. For all password protected entries before then, just ask me for it but most likely the password it "pleasedont".
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so i'll write here
9/22/06 (late thursday night, technically friday)
I'm slightly procrastinating again >.>
Well not right now,
(well yes right now since I'm nutang'ing)
but I've held off my Last Supper essay until now.
I don't even understand it now that I'm starting it and it's too late (3 a.m. late) to ask anybody.
Cause they're all asleep!
I was just holding it off because I didn't have time for it before, does that count as procrastination? We've been at Migs and Mae's every day this week anyway, and I feel awkward doing essays at other people's houses.

So hey, look at that. Krishan was looking up his sn on google for some odd reason and found my nutang! Yay. We were retards back then, hah.

How is school. Hm, how is school?
I guess it's all right. Our Wednesday schedules are messed up though, Mr. Mulligan even messed up by giving us a 3/4-religion 1/4-science period and he was like "wtf?" when the bell rang. So we had longer science but I guess that's okay hah. And plus nobody remembers when our breaks are on Wednesday so some people just lug all their books around instead of waiting for the break hah. At least the afternoon isn't messed up, math and gym! XD
Tomorrow there's mass. During art, which sucks. I still don't get why the mixed up the art classes instead of just doing homerooms. I mean, a lot of people already figured out how to do it so that we have art with our homerooms, just put english and math in the afternoon and reading and art in the morning! Instead of having science, social studies, then english, art, math, reading? or whatever the hell we have. We'll get to choose our art tables though, which is good.

High schools are due next week >.<
My parents and I are going to open houses at PC and QP on Sunday, so I'll have to cram all my registration stuff into Sunday, which is okay, as long as I'm sure of where I want to go.
(I'll talk more about high school in a private entry I'll make right after this >.<)

I wish we could just get over wish co-ops, especially the math part. Everyone failed the practice test Mr. Benson gave out hah, highest grade was 25/40. I got a 21, wow.

So anyway. Oh yes, the Synoptic Gospels and their accounts of the Last Supper. Oh yes, Catholic schools and their extra subject, religion. Eh, it's all right for me.

i went to an all-girls convent hs...literally connected to the convent...soi completely sympathize. i did learn some really neat stuff though, and i think it really prepared me for later schooling because a lot of art/literature has religious conotation. you'll be thankful at some point.
» invisibleinkling on 2006-09-22 12:40:52

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