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lucky cha cha cha!

Age. 25
Gender. Female
Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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P.S. The passwords to protected entries will always be "watermelon" as for 9/27/06. For all password protected entries before then, just ask me for it but most likely the password it "pleasedont".
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i just
8/25/05 (thursday night, actually)
want school to start already.
I mean, I want to finish my homework first, and it's not like being away from my friends has become unbearable, but I just want something to do other than be on the computer all day.

My head was almost throbbing today while I was using the computer and I contemplated getting off, but then I considered my options:
- practicing piano (it frustrates me already 'cause i suck at it, therefore will only make my head hurt more, not to mention that music might've contributed to my headache - I was blasting it pretty loud)
- sleeping (it was already pretty late for me to go to sleep and my parents already make fun of me for sleeping too much)
- eating (but I just ate so my parents would call me fat)
- clean my room (but I never do that 'cause it'll just get messy again later ;D)
- exercise (yeah right)

I couldn't read either because I lost Johnny Tremain, finished To Kill A Mockingbird, and don't have my New York Times bestseller yet. So that eliminated anything productive other than homework, and I only got to do "P" (for the Philippines) for Social Studies. But on the other hand, I did two for science, which was pretty good, though not as impressive because the hardest part is finding something to write about >.>

In other news, everybody's stolen the Pink Spiders (I'm one of those people that think mainstream music sucks, unless, of course, it's actually good - but peope paying attention to it is a big minus for me) so I think I'll stick to OK Go for now. And I want to buy CD's, or at least an iTunes gift card, but I know what my dad'll say.
"You have limewire don't you? Just download it there!"
But I feel guilty. But if I say that he'll say we're just wasting money (that he could use on beer cough cough).

Anyway, wow, I started this while I was still in fifth grade at SHS. Now I'm going to eighth grade, final year, of STA, moving on to high school soon. I would be like, "Oh well, at least there's next year" but we felt so betrayed when we found out that there wouldn't be a "next year" anymore. But then I realize that I can't imagine life without STA, and then I get confused and start thinking about something else.

Like high school. Shit, I still don't know what high school I'm going to but it's due in about two months. *dies* Oh well, at least I'm not being lazy.

This turned out longer than I expected it to be.

I can relate...
I can't seem to find to do anything other than sit on the computer all day too...this may be of course that school hasn't started for me yet...once it does I'll have sports and a nice load of work waiting for me when I get home, so I guess that solves that problem :| Anyways, I saw the OK GO treadmills bit on Youtube today :) I wasn't payin attention so much to the music...but then I realized it wasn't half bad. Who knows, I might just have to steal it :) I do have to call you out though for not using Limewire. It's like...being a vegetarian and not eating meat becase "you feel bad". If you have it, don't worry about not buying the mp3 or the CD...those artists have enough $$$ as it is anyway. Haha alright that was another unecessarily long comment to someone who I don't know at all :) Knowing NUtang, this entire post will be clumped together into a giant mass of text due to the fact that IT DOESN'T GENERATE LINE BREAKS. Curses. Anyways, have fun in 8th grade...while it lasts :) High School's where things get serious.
» The-Muffin-Man on 2006-08-25 01:56:31

i have the exact same problem ^^;
yeah a while ago i had a severe headache cos i was on the comp too long, but i didnt wanna get off =/ next day i got ill x_x but yeah, i really recommend going for a walk or something? or go to town with your friends--anything to get you off the comp for a while, cos it's really unhealthy (i cant talk cos i've been on all day, but i havent been up for doing anything lately =sigh=) anyways, yup! i'm getting a domain =D (hosted, not a www. one, but still!) ah, you're still young =3 enjoy your younger years of school while you still can and do the best you can to prepare you for the future... although i'm personally a really bad slacker though ^^; ah i'm such a bad example!!! i will bugger off before you begin to copy my bad examples O_O;; L8r, —×Kuri×— p.s. oooh yeah, i made the bg from scratch on photoshop ^_^ twas fun to make. it was hard at all! =D
» Kuri on 2006-08-26 02:46:59

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