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Friday. 7.16.04 2:44 pm
Dear Sacred Heart School Parents and Guardians,

As many of you know, the pastor, school administrators and staff members of the Office of the Superintendent os Schools have been struggling for serveral years to address the problem of a steady and persistent decline in student enrollment at Sacred Heart School. Our hope has always been that the parish would be able to maintain a quality, faith-based education program as an essential part of its ministry to the Catholic people of Bloomfield. Unfortunately, some recent developments have propted a different course of action for the school.

Between 1998 and the most recently completed school year, the number of students enrolled in the K-8 program had fallen from 316 to 149. Such a dramatic change in the student body -- more than 50 percent -- typically makes it very difficult for a school to maintain a quality teaching staff and school administrators and parents could help stabilize enrollment and permit the school to continue fr the coming year. However, on July 14 we learned from the new principal that only 85 students have registered for the fall.

It appears the despite best efforts of all involved, Sacred Heart School is simply not in a position to offer a viable program for these students in this enviorment. It is well known that students learn best in a thriving, growing school that can meet their needs. Therefore, we have no alternative but to close the school, effective immediately.

That's the only part that's really important, right there. I wonder where all my friends are going....

thats fucked up
» seewun on 2004-07-16 03:13:38

what ^^^^ said
thats so not cool
» finelegsforever on 2004-07-16 05:16:32

It is pretty weird you knoe, we all pretty much grew up there nd now who knoes if any of us we'll ever c each other together agen. It kinda scares me, cause I knew I was really mad wen I found out I was moving nd I was hoping wen I came bak to visit I'd c c u guys together agen nd it would remind me of all the great times nd not so great times we've had.
» eri ( on 2004-07-17 01:25:09

Wow, that's pretty harsh.. Yeah. Maybe a few of your friends will be attending your new school. That would be nice. Just don't lose contact with your good friends.
» le_battement on 2004-07-17 04:27:39

I don't know what I'd do if they closed Mills... I'd probably cry. A lot. Yes, I'm that type of guy. But, yeah, enough making you feel bad. If you do, by some random stroke of luck, end up at Mills, I have a feeling you'll feel welcome (as is the same with any new school) and I'd be more than willing to help you settle. Best of luck in the switch at any rate.
» desertsnowstorm on 2004-07-18 03:34:20

why did that have to happen...you should all keep in touch atleast once in a while
» Ajibalaji89 on 2004-07-18 07:07:04

as long as you keep in touch with all your friends, it shouldnt be too bad...
» chocobopnai on 2004-07-19 03:58:27

that sucks BALLS
ahh that sucks. i've never heard of a catholic school closing down before. maybe between 1998 and 2004, the parents felt that the tuition fees were too much and decided to put their children in public schools.. or everyone just moved. ahh. that really sucks though. didn't kim go to sacred heart? so where are you and larry gonna go now?
» chelsea ( on 2004-07-19 08:10:39

a lot of ppl from SHS r goin to our lady of lake in verona, like jess, cait, omari, shani,nd sum other 6th graders(soon to be 7th)
» eri ( on 2004-07-20 12:00:56

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