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Age. 25
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Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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188th day of 2004
"yes we have been in the same class since pre-k. wink"
GIVE ME A SITE "derek"!!!!! u "poser".....

HAHA back from south carolina!!!! (if you were wondering where i've been for the last week or so.....which i dont think any of you were XD).....had to drive...(my dad did, too young XD)....you know how long it takes to drive from northern nj to southern south carolina?! (i think it's southern anyway...."north charleston") it took us like from 4 p.m. - 6 a.m. (so like 14 hours? yeah....in the CAR!) and when we left it was like 10 a.m. - 2 a.m. (next day) (16 hours? i dunno, i can't count. lol)
So, onto the trip blog-stuff!
I don't remember the dates of most things, just what we did. Might be out of order, just putting them in by memory

left at 4 p.m....actually wook up at noon but had to eat and stuff....just drove for hours...i remember a wedding ring billboard...it had "Amy, will you marry me?" written on it with pink spray paint....lol...how cute. also went to the bathroom at south of the border. lol...the bathroom there is confusing....like the entrance takes you to the sinks and changing stations and you go around to the actual bathroom stalls.....confusing.

technically...we got to the house at 6 a.m. THURSDAY....and then waited outside until like 7 or 8 a.m.......tried to sleep....but then someone answered the door and we got inside....i remembered that house.....i dunno, just remembered the living room and kitchen....which was at least half of the house already....seriously, almost all of the houses in their "community" (they're in those community things in south carolina minus the security and gates....) are only one story....the only house we went to with stairs was tito jun's house (i think that was his house).....then we ate "breakfast"there....it seemed awkward. then went to sleep from like 9 a.m. - noon (it was awkward, waking up from a refreshing "nap" but you slept only 3 hours...it seemed like a whole night) and then we went to a holiday inn to eat the "rehersal lunch" (my mom said they usually have dinners o.O).....notice how i said we ate breakfast before? wasn't too hungry....but ate anyway cause they had french onion soup...yummy! no cheese though.....then my mom (or dad's cousin) introduced me to aubrey who introduced me to everyone else...(i couldnt remember their names...XD) and then we were gonna go downstairs (using the elevator) but there were too many people using it so we just went down with the stairs. i didn't say this before, but we were on the top floor (16th). i got dizzy. XD then went back to the house and then went over to aubrey and xaver (her brother)'s house......so boring! just watched newlyweds and went home. then went to jay's house (they live next door). this guy named christian came with this (video game) steering wheel and so they played. he burned this copy of gran turismo 4 (from Japan...and it was in japanese) and they were playing it. then at night we played DDR.....aubrey didn't know how to play (with the controller even!) so we were teaching her...i think she got it. played on the mat for like 6 stages (two games of three songs). it was late already, so just left.

friday was the wedding. wook up at 10 a.m. (ish...dunno) then changed into some casual clothes (the wedding wasn't until 4 p.m.) and went back to aubrey and xaver's house to eat. then i think we went to jay's house and watched them play halo. then i think we just hung out until like 1 or 2 p.m. (most of them had to be at the church at 3 p.m. and were going in the wedding car, a stretch limosine hummer) went back home at like 3 p.m. and changed into appropriate wedding attire. then went to the wedding. rode with ate ina and her friend (we needed directions). sat in one of the "reserved rows" even though someone said they were free (someone didnt go to the practice :P) overall, boring. after the wedding, went to a nearby sheraton (hotel) for the reception (followed the hummer....ate ina was riding in the hummer....there aren't many limo hummers out on the road :P)...reception was boring. they had a white deejay. (there aren't many asians out there). won't go into detail. went home after that. and slept.

ate breakfast at the house we were staying at then went over to a and x's house to eat o.O (didn't eat, btw). just went over to jay's house and watched them play. then they were talking about leaving at like 5 p.m. . went to tito jun's house for his b-day party (he got married on his b-day...how ironic). just ate and sat around. then went upstairs and they were playing gamecube. a 007 game. someone quit so i took it. nyah. i sucked. then copied their super smash bros. melee data onto our memory card and vice versa with sonic heroes. we should've copied the sonic adventure 2: battle memory. ah well. then played some more games. aubrey and the others left and we didn't know where. went to jay's house and watched like 2 and a half episodes of Initial D. it's kinda boring to me. then went home.

fourth of july! supposed to leave on sunday. ate at home and went to a and x's house again to eat (o.O didn't eat, AGAIN) then went to jay's house and played halo. went back to a and x's house and just sat down. then my mom said we were gonna get shrimp o.O i went cause it was boring. they didn't have it so we just shopped and waited. (there was a nearby mall) it looked so big from outside but it was under construction so it was so small. bought a night dress and pants on sale at "the limited too" (in nj its just limited too) i liked that dress and it was at half price there. o.O ate some ice cream too. went back to the shrimp place at 6 p.m. and they still didn't have it. so waited. got them and went back. went to jay's house and then went to a and x's house. sat for about 2 hours then went outside because they bought fireworks and were setting them off. o.O pretty. left at10 p.m. because we were just gonna leave the next day. slept at 11 p.m. sometime during the day also watched spider man 2. i forgot when.

wook up at 7 a.m. and ate. then changed and watched t.v. until like 8 a.m. then fell asleep. wook up again at 10 a.m. and went to a and x's house to say goodbye. all the kids were asleep, the parents said they were awake until 6 a.m.. didn't say goodbye to them (they were at jay's house). then off on our way!

and a side note, they're really into cars there. seriously. jay is like 5 years old and he can beat gran turismo 4 (using a steering wheel. as in breaking, gas and turning) and even the girls understood initial D. o.O and so it ends. no more stuff to write, already a giant entry. off to catch up!


We had to drive from Long Island to Maryland . . . was long. Ofcourse I didn't drive because I was in second grade! Unless I was some super genious freaky kid who could drive illegally but knew how to drive perfectly...at a young age... I heard some kid did that...he drove himself to school and was puled voer by cops or something like that lol.
» Ajibalaji89 on 2004-07-06 07:55:31

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» invisible on 2004-07-07 06:42:16

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