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lucky cha cha cha!

Age. 25
Gender. Female
Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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this is my site // disclaimer
P.S. The passwords to protected entries will always be "watermelon" as for 9/27/06. For all password protected entries before then, just ask me for it but most likely the password it "pleasedont".
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Survey time~
165th day of 2004
Last Person Who...??
1.Slept in your bed - um...me
2.Person who saw you cry ? my family...XD

3.Slept over your house ? um....some of my dad's friends....(i dunno!)
4.Went to the movies with - my family....XD
5.Sent you an e-mail - the serquina yahoo group...(i never check anyone, just assuming)

Have you Ever...??
1.Said "i love you" and meant it - not sure...
2.Gotten into a fight with an animal ? does trying to get a giant dog off you count? lol

3.Been to California - like 3-5 times
4.Hawaii ? not that i know of
5.China ? not that i know of

6.Canada - i think so...or maybe not...
7.Dreamed of something really crazy, and then have it happen the next day - if any of my dreams happen the next day, it's a miracle
8.Got a really bad feeling about sumthing and then something bad happened - yep
9.Had an imaginary friend ? she got killed by the dentist's cleaning stuff...XD (i was 3!!!)

1.Favorite color - blue-violet
2.Spring or Fall - fall
3.Math or English - english is easier but math is more fun
4.What are you doing after you are done with these questions ? put some REAL stuff on my blog
5.Last food you ate ? BBQ, rice and these AWESOME fries from this grill place

6.Buddies online ? 3-2
7.Last time you went out of state ? last year
8.Worst feeling in the world ? dunno
9.The first thing you think about when you wake up ? 5 more minutes...
10.How many rings before you answer the phone - 10 (half are away)
11.Chocalate or Vanilla - vanilla
12.Sleep with a stuffed animal - nope...i used to but it made me sneeze XD
13.Right or left handed - right
14.Whats under ur bed ? wooden floor and i wonder if the computer's still there....? and this baby drawing board thingie...
15.Hair - black that looks red-brown in the light
16.Eyes - brown-black-ish
17.Height 58in....so like 5 something?
18.Location - new jersey...the land of cherry blossoms....
19.College Plans ? somewhere nearby...
20.Percings ? ears...
21.Do you have a job - nope
22.Like being around people ? depends on the people ^__^

In the Last 2 days have you...??
1.cried - yeah ("see? when you say she does something wrong she gets mad...and when you say that she starts to cry!" i hate you)
2.Bought sumthing - um...food....?
3.Sang - does humming count?
4.Said "i love you" ? to my mom...
5.Met someone new - some dudes that were at tito conrad's house...not really "met" per se....
6.Talked to someone - obviously
7.Missed someone - yeah
8.Fought with your parents - i'm not sure...
9.Dreamed of someone you can't be with ? uh...yeah

Yes or No...??
1.Keep a dairy - used to (i had like 3)
2.Like to cook ? "microwave" or help someone cook
3.Have a secret that no one knows about ? doesn't everyone!
4.Talk in your sleep - i wouldn't know
5.Bite your finger nails ? nope

1.Movie you rented ? cheaper by the dozen (XD)

2.Movie you saw ? "Down With Love"
3.Song stuck in your head ? "Addicted to You" - Hikaru Utada

4.CD - one that i burned...
5.Person you called - my grandma...
6.TV show you watched ? newlyweds

Do you...??
1.Wish you were somewhere else ? yeppers
2.Believe in online dating ? depends
3.Want more peircings ? please, no
4.Want more tattoos ? more tatoos? no
5.Like cleaning ? when you get really into it, yeah
6.Like roller costers ? depends on the roller coaster
7.Smoke or Drink ? no
8.Write in cursive or print ? usually cursive but if it's for fun then print

Have you ever...??
1.Cried over a girl ? over a girl? no
2.Lied - no (j/k, yes)
3.Ever been in a fist fight ? with words....and with actions but that was for fun
4.Been in love ? no....
5.Stolen ? i was forced...honest
6.Gotten high ? not that i know of
7.Gotten Drunk ? no

1.Times you had your heart broken ? 0
2.People you consider your enemies ? 5
3.Things you regret ? 100+

Hi. I didn't really read all of that, sort of skimmed through it. Just wanted to say thanks for being active on the forums. But I do agree, "dunno" is the worst feelin gin the world. I hate being confused, especially when you have to get something done before time runs out.
» le_battement on 2004-06-14 06:20:26



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