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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
coke can make u crazy
Monday. 8.21.06 7:00 pm
At times i ask myself why i could be such a narcissistic freak sometimes. Yeah...and this is just one of those times. When i truly truly am damn prouda myself. lol

Well...still tired of work and errthin...guess what? My mom is working with me tomorrow. In the same company. In the same warehouse. Oh joy.

Remember my prev entry wit the reasons y i wanna work? Yeah. So much for having some peace and quiet when someone's always nagging you everywhere. Oh well. Forget that. Forget! Forget! Forget!

Nice things that happened... nothing that nice that I would hafta blog abt. lol

Oh yeah. Saw the pic of the friend my friend wanted me to befriend. Um. He's okei. Cept for the fact that mura xag adik. lol I am so evil! Should i put his picture?!?! lol Maybe just a link?? LMFAO

I AM SOOOO EVIL!!!!!!!! laffin and slappin mah fricken ass out!!!

Hmm...let's see...radio here in Canada is soooo OLD. I mean, the songs here are soo last last last month in the Phils.!!! Grrrrr!!!! Not good! Everyday @ work all i listen to is:

* Crazy - gnarls barkley (old but so what?!)
* Hips don't lie - shakira (!)
* Castles in the Sand - The Philosopher Kings (so not rock! what's happening to me!?!)
* Red red wine - ub40 (good ol' reggae)
* Wild World - Maz Priest (nice nice nice)

* Save the last dance for me - michael buble (mainly bcoz i find this song playin in my head. oh crap.)
* ABBA SONGS (i have great respect for abba. no shit. gr8 respect but i don't wanna hear them playin everday 24/7)

Oh yeah I wanted to show my last last week accident pics. First BLOODY encounter wit the bicycle...



that's my sis beside my dad. Not me. lol

AND new friend pics that make me miss them sooo much more...huhuhu

while HERE I AM just listening to music, working my ass off, wishing so bad to get a new hairstyle and a piercing...


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work and yaoi and everything in between
Friday. 8.11.06 6:53 pm
<mood: uber-weirded out, DYING, and a bit elated at the thought of money and kissing boys
b>watching: kissing jrockers

sooo today. my 2nd day. is the most tiring day i;ve had! and this is just like the 2nd day! awwww... my poor hands and knees...my poor body... *groan* if my fukkin sis hadn't somehow "destroyed" my phone usb i could've inserted a pic of me groaning here. but no. she had to go destroy it. grr. get back to it later. anweiz... good news for today though! UNigistix raised my salary to $9.50/hr! wheee at least something good happened. fart. and i had to be touching all those beautiful samsung a640's and lg3300's. shyet. and do i get a free phone? no. so there.

sooo nweiz as i was surfin the net for stuff for my blog (nutang) and my webbie. I came across this ==>> Miyavi and Daigo Stardust: supposedly famous jrock people. Not really a fan of Jrock coz i couldn't understand it. But i'm a fan of yaoi! wheeeee and this is defnitely yaoi. Okay fine. Something milder than yaoi. For those who don't understand what the hell yaoi means, it's japanese for boy-to-boy action!

And if you don't like BOYxBOY action, i suggest u leave this part unread before u screw me for polluting ur oh-so-pure mind. Now, shoo!

And for those who stayed...

and this one's of miyavi and his guitarist...

and this one's daigo and his guitarist with a little of the kiss he shared w/ miyavi...


will i get kicked out for posting this entry? please don't. FREEDOM!!!

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1st day!
Thursday. 8.10.06 5:42 am
in a rush here! off to work! wheeeeeeeee////

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first day as a Virgin Production Team Member
Thursday. 8.10.06 6:43 pm
mood: tired to death
listening to: a favor house atlantic ++ coheed and cambria

working for the first time is not very easy. 9 am - 5 pm of august 10, 2006 was my first day @ unigistix. official first day of first job, where i actually signed a bloody contract! ;p *amazed*

i work as somehwat like a packer of cellphones, specifically Virgin Mobile. yes. isn't it a bloody coincidence that i'm in VIRGIN MOBILE?!?! oh well. back to the experience. it was all fun at first. learning2 pah... btw, there were 4 new people and i was the only filipina. they were all indians. a bad thing is: i work at another warehuose, where there's only like 3 other filipinos. and di sila bata. soooo i had to work my butt off, thinking of the things i could buy when i get my salary! yehey! $9/ hour. that's okay for a starter like me. first job in what, 8 years. Then of course, i could always resign if i want to. Plus, it's not that i;d be staying here for life. this is all until classes start. 1st week of september. i'm out of there. Actually, i enjoyed my job. Touching all those beautiful Virgin cellphones. sigh i'm in heaven... :)

(FYI: i'm a techie. so there.)

And so... that's about it for my first day in unigistix, wc by the way, im still having a hard time remmbering. haha ;p

note: i still have no friends, except for this indian girl who i really thought was a teenager. but turned out she already had a husband!!!

the embarrassing moment i forgot to put bcoz i was too embarrassed but thought anyway, "what the hell": i accidentally left my shoes, bag, lunch as in all my belongings in the other warehouse and somebody else had to get it for me. OMG. it was sooooooo embarrassing. u have no idea how much. go work at a warehouse and leave your belongings intentionally to see how much.

BY THE WAY: Safety shoes are so not fashionable.

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