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Barren Illusion
"If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more immortal- that is your success. All nature is your congratulation, and you have cause momentarily to bless yourself. The greatest gains and values are farthest from being appreciated. We easily come to doubt if they exist. We soon forget them. They are the highest reality. Perhaps the facts most astounding and most real are never communicated by man to man. The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening. It is a little star-dust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched." - Henry David Thoreau
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Feckin' shite
viernes, 28 de julio, 2006
What the hell, why the fuck would anyone pretend to be me and comment on other people's blogs? I logged in and read the comment page of the previous entry in utter confusion, thinking maybe it was a bizarre form of non-advertising spam (which doesn't exist, btw), but an incredibly cursory investigation on the three unique sites linked turned up this one comment from "me," at PULSE CIRCLE. (The screenshot is from that.) It's still there on the tagboard on his site, right now. I'm telling anyone else drifting over here because some douchebag pretended to be me: I don't comment on stranger's sites at all, even if it's the best thing ever, unless it's within the community I am a part of -- e.g., xanga, livejournal, nutang, etc. -- and even then it is rare. (At most once or twice every other month.)

I mean, I suppose the most harm it's causing, from that one comment I saw, is it's directing a barely dribbling stream of traffic here. So some person pretending to be me, complimenting blogs as me, that's just... make of that what you will.

So, thanks to this tirade, the real entry I was planning on will have to be pushed back. (I was waiting weeks! You'll see why next time.)

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viernes, 23 de junio, 2006

Craaaaaaap I accidentally cleared my Freecell statistics. Now how will anyone believe that I won the game 252 times and lost 170???

And because in the three years here I still have no reason to use this smiley, here it is for no reason:


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ARRRGGHHH! Ham ga chan!!
martes, 13 de julio, 2004
Yeeeeeeeee HO MA FAN AH!!!!! ARRGGGHHGHHGHGH!!!! Say see fut!!!! [email protected]#$%^&*() (*&^#$_)(@# $%^&*()_P #$%(^&^&* Hui say le PENDEJOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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Thank you for the music
domingo, 4 de septiembre 2005
I love the middle seasons and the sixth season is no different -- so many good quotes I didn't realize were season six:

Homer: Never! Never, Marge! I can't live the button-down life like you. I want it all: the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles. Sure, I might offend a few of the bluenoses with my cocky stride and musky odors -- oh, I'll never be the darling of the so-called city fathers, who cluck their tongues, stroke their beards, and talk about what's to be done with this Homer Simpson?!

Announcement: Attention, Marge Simpson: your son has been arrested. [later] Attention, Marge Simpson: we've also arrested your older, balder, fatter son.

Homer: Back, you robots! Nobody ruins my family vacation but me... and maybe the boy!

Lisa: I don't think Bob won that election legally. I can't believe a convicted felon would get so many votes and another convicted felon would get so few.

Willy: Now look, boy: if your Dad goes gaga, you just use that... Shin of yours to call me and I'll come a-running. But don't be reading my mind between four and five. That's Willy's time!

Warrants repeating:
Marge: Have you noticed any change in Bart?
Homer: New glasses?
Marge: No... he looks like something might be disturbing him.
Homer: Probably misses his old glasses.
Marge: I guess we could get more involved in Bart's activities but then I'd be afraid of smothering him.
Homer: Yeah, and then we'd get the chair.
Marge: That's not what I meant.
Homer: It was, Marge, admit it.

Marge: I'm worried about the kids, Homey. Lisa's becoming very obsessive. This morning I caught her trying to dissect her own raincoat.
Homer: [scoffs] I know. And this perpetual motion machine she made today is a joke! It just keeps going faster and faster.
Marge: And Bart isn't doing very well either. He needs boundaries and structure. There's something about flying a kite at night that's so unwholesome. [looks out window]
Bart: [creepy voice] Hello, Mother dear.
Marge: [closing the curtains] That's it: we have to get them back to school.
Homer: I'm with you, Marge. Lisa! Get in here. In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!

Jasper: Talking out of turn... that's a paddling. Looking out the window... that's a paddling. Staring at my sandals... that's a paddling. Paddling the school canoe... oh, you better believe that's a paddling.

Lisa: I can't relax, nor can I yield, relent or -- only two synonyms? OH MY GOD! I'M LOSING MY PERSPICACITY!!!! AAAAAAAAHHH! [runs away]
Homer: It's always in the last place you look.

Homer: Boy, when Marge first told me she was going to the police academy, I thought it'd be fun and exciting, you know, like that movie, Spaceballs. But instead it's been painful and disturbing like that movie, Police Academy.

And of course, followng the Police Academy insult train: "How could you?! Haven't you learned anything from that guy who gives those sermons at church? Captain Whatshisname? We live in a society of laws. Why do you think I took you to all those Police Academy movies? For fun?! Well, I didn't hear anybody laughing! Did you?! Except at that guy who made sound effects. Where was I? Oh yeah: stay out of my booze."

Hehe and so much more! It's funny, I read some reviews of these older episodes and a number of people thought they were horrible, while I was too young to see it and understand it at the original air date. Now I think the new ones suck, but I don't think I'm biased, I actually quite liked it up to around 2001, 2002. These last two seasons were like, WTF? Maybe ten years down the line, I will be quoting fom the sixteenth season, too. Hm... ::ponders thoughtfully for no reason again::

Oh and I really hate Dual Discs, of which I already own three (music and DVD content for the same price as the song album -- can't... resist...). In the new imports I've seen they still release them in two separate discs. Are DD's that popular?? I think Dual Disc sucks because now it's twice as likely for the information to get marred, plus, no disc art!! It's also a real bitch to store. I'm so glad the Revenge of the Sith soundtrack (which includes a DVD) didn't opt to go the double D way. I finally gained a little respect back for George Lucas.

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It snuck up on me faster than Seta Sjir
sbado, 15 de julio, 2006
Holy crap, how the hell did I get to be in the top ten most popular? How did I even end up in the top 25, period? It's so weird seeing my icon up there, mocking me, teasing me. Singing off-key to me.
Edit: Now I am twelfth. This is still very different and mysterious to me.

Today (or yesterday afternoon), some cunt gave us the evil eye when we disrupted her newspaper reading because we sat down at her table (which is near the door). Uh, we're trying to patronize your shitty-ass restaurant where my friend found a bug in her food in, go sit someplace else in your woefully empty place. The only reason we came in is because it was the closest for my tired grandparents to sit down in. The waiter, who was nice, explained it would take half an hour because they were cleaning out back. The combination of my dislike for the restaurant, the woman's douchebagginess, and the fact that I was very hungry, had us leaving after about ten minutes for next door. Asshole.

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Bonjourrrrrrr ya cheese-eating surrender monkeys
jueves, 11 de enero, 2007
Great, because of my asshole computer I just lost an entry I spent 15 minutes composing. The only thing I remember word for word is, "blurt it out faster than some fart-filled projectile diarrhea," and it's too late to go about reconstructing it again (Conan's on!). Might as well, I was only 90% sure I wanted to post it, but that doesn't mean my computer still isn't an asshole.

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"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"
lunes, 2 de abril, 2007
<rant>What the fuck? English is not descriptive? Why don't you get back to me when you've figured out how to use a thesaurus and find out that "scenario" and "plot" are, in fact, similar to each other. To state that with such conviction you should be an expert, but you're not; you're still asking people for help. It's great, honestly: English is not your first language, but you speak it well. Yet using questionable "evidence" to prove your point doesn't make you an authority, it just makes look like you are spewing lazily-researched gobbledygook.

I hate spring. Fucking warmth, making me sweat, the harbinger of summer. I just want to wear layers again and sleep comfortably under the covers that keep my body heat from radiating into the atmosphere. I don't want to apply even more sunscreen everyday to prevent sun damage and freckles from forming. I don't want to wear summer clothing that will only become soaked in sweat if I move an inch. I don't want to smell other people's B.O. baking in the sun. I just want the cold breeze to freeze my face and numb my ears. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR?!?!

The more I see my old avatar, the more I hate it, because it is not as awesome as my most current one, nor the first one, which is what it originally went back to the first time this hacking shite business took place. Maeby's just sitting there, mocking me, telling me it's not a race thing. (Yeah, whoever gets there first.)

Who the hell is the loser who keeps attacking NuTang? Is it someone who is upset they didn't receive an invite code despite their request(s) or something? If it's a power-trip thing, hacking a site, why not go all the way or target a prominent, more well-known site? Haha, way to go... you just messed up a relatively small community whose security defenses are most likely not comparable to the bigger sites -- you must feel like the winning adults on Are You Smarter than a Third Grader? or like Willy, the fully-grown, muscular Scotsman who captured a wee girl.</rant>

Zijin, bitches.

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