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About Me

Age. 0
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Malay
Location Perlis, Malaysia
School. Other
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MooD yG Hilang..
Thursday. 8.10.06 9:03 am
malam nih sepatutnye aku ceta psl ppuan canteq..tp mood nak bercerita tu..dah ilang..mebi aku rs lapar kot..huhu..pastu ditambah lak ketensenan kat forum..abes ilang nak ceta psl ppuan canteq..ish2...dah2..baek aku ceta psl mende lain..
tadi mak aku suwuh potong rambut..tp aku x nak..cz aku syg rambut aku..ahaha..
bagi aku potong ke atau x..same jeq..xder kesan..makin teruk ader laa..(hermm..aku tgh melalui zaman hair-fall..)..neway idea mak aku tuh ok jugak..at least ader gak mende yg berubah..asek2 mende yg sma..buhsan...k la..meh aku listkan mende yg aku nak wat bulan nih..
-->potong rambut (not sure yet..)
-->baju utk konvo (hapepun aku xbeli lagik..)
-->baju utk ari raya (bulan nih jeq diaorg amik tempahan)
-->tido awal (haa..yg nih plg sukar..ahaks..opsyen laa..)
neway ader bape mende lagik..tp aku x letak..cz biarlah rahsia..ahaks..sket2 cukup laa..yg remeh temeh..huhu...adess...hurmm..lagik 1..klu ader sape2 yg tau camner nak kurangkan oily skin..bagitau la yek..tips anda diterima..ahaks..

Ermm.. perubahan mmg bagus... buat kita rasa cam kita dah start a new life ;) Anyway.. camne leh bila mood bercerita tu kurang baru nak bercerita.. tp masa mood bercerita tu ada..tak citer plak.. nak tunggu entry psl pompuan canteq tuh... mana.. mana... ternanti-nanti nih.. ekekeke
» ZeMMs ( on 2006-08-10 10:14:57

yerp, mmg nak berubah pun..ahaks..psl ppuan canteq tu..td mmg ader mood nak bercerita..pastu kan masuk frum dulu..terus ZERO mood..ahaks..
» blue_april on 2006-08-10 12:21:35

Knape masuk forum terus ZERO mood tuh? ni mesti ada hapa2 nih.. sure jd blurr ni.. haa..tidak syak lagi.. ahaks.. ermm.. lenkali time tgh ade mood tu...post la entry cepat2.. :D
» ZeMMs ( on 2006-08-10 09:16:22

kan blue dah ckp..psl bujang..ahaks..entry tuh len kali la..bukannye besh pun..huhu..
» blue_april on 2006-08-10 09:52:09

alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... letak la.. nak gak bace.. sob sob
» azurt ( on 2006-08-11 10:22:30

nnti2 la yek..ahaks
» blue_april on 2006-08-11 10:41:53

mne iLang nye m0od blue tu?
» ÎNä ( on 2006-08-12 05:22:04

huhu...ilang kat umah..ekeke..
» blue_april on 2006-08-13 01:42:20

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