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"Whether You Fall"

Whether it's the sunshine whether it's the rain
Doesn't make a difference 'til you complain
Whether it's the water coming in from the roof
Does it piss you off that you're not water proof?

Whether you fall means nothing at all
It's whether you get up it's whether you get up

And you hate the silence as it fills up the room
And there's not much to say to your blushing groom
Maybe all eyes are on you as you finish the race
And the world sees you struggling for last place

Whether you fall means nothing at all
It's whether you get up whether you get up
still shit.
Thursday. 2.17.11 10:15 pm
practice doesn't make perfect.

If you have no talent, no matter how hard you try.

you are still shit.

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back to nothing
Sunday. 5.2.10 11:09 pm
Looking at you no longer evokes those horrible emotions. Even though a part of me still secretly hopes for a 'you and me'.

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in my dreams
Tuesday. 1.26.10 12:36 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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New Year Resolutions and 09 in Review
Friday. 1.8.10 1:06 am
Still the first week of the new year. So here's my new year resolutions:

1. Improve my vocabulary. javascript:toolbox('pot')
2. Be less ignorant - Read the papers on a daily basis
3. Make it a point to run 2.4km weekly
4. Sleep at sane hours - No later than 1am
5. Save money
6. Stop being such a bum.
7. Explore other dance genres.
8. Travel more.
9. Read more books.

Like any other year, 2009 was full of its ups and downs.

The UPS:
1.Got a lomo camera as a present (: Thanks koks!
2.Managed to work for NAC and organised the Singapore Arts Festival. Got to meet the artistes themselves (Grupo de Rua, Cullberg Ballet, Finnish National Ballet, Monks from Sutra, Teatrocinema and CIE III). Had several complimentary tickets to many other shows as well.
3.Went to Czech Republic (Prague), Slovakia (Bratislava, High Tatras) and Hungary (Budapest).
4. Experiencing snow in High Tatras Mountains
5. Did a show in Manila for NUS DE.
6. Meeting Ginger (one of the laziest and cutest dogs alive)
7. My sisters got cute two guinea pigs. Hopefully... One day, I will have enough guts to touch and play with them.
8. Finally, I was asked to do shows for ZK. Thanks Dumbo. Pray for more shows to come.

1. My tooth broke. Went through the whole root canal BS.
2. Still unemployed after 2 temp jobs ):
3. The whole episode with the NB. Turned into an emo-nemo overnight.


Here's to a great 2010 to all of us.

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Wednesday. 1.5.10 1:24 am
it's not worth it.

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My Turn
Sunday. 1.3.10 3:33 pm

When will this all start?
When did i fall apart?
When is it my turn?
My turn?

Working on your heart,
Trying but i'm falling right apart,
When will this all start?
Tell me, when will this all start?

Girl, I'll try and to forget it,
Broken down forever now, we are losing what we found
My heart is left, alone in pieces, pieces
Well will this all start?
Tell me, when will this all start?

What is left, of us?
I am kept in my shell
I will never run away, you could never get away
All of this love that we've lost, has left me in pieces, in pieces
Girl, it's true, we have lost us...

I could never get away, you could never runaway
Like a butterfly

It kind of hits home.

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