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Return of Aizat
Sunday, January 7, 2007

Its been quite sometime I never update this blog. I was kinda messy. Assignments, exam, club matters and alot more. Just couldnt find the time to post. Thought of turning this blog into something more interesting but stil havent figure out what is it gonna be.

Now Iam on holiday but it aint long. Just for 3 week. I wonder what am I gonna do. Maybe ask Renaye out. :P Well she definitely too busy with her work. I wish I have all the money now to upgrade my pc.

My pc need a major upgrade. The mother board is already damaging little by little. I need a bigger hdd and a bigger ram too. Sigh. Thinking about pc reminds of Renaye pc too. LOL. Her pc fail her recently. Pity her.

Well for now thats all I could think of things that happening n my life. There should be more. Hope so. :D

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Hard Life
Wednesday. November 15, 2006 11:02 am

SpeakerIt was so stressful during this few days. Had an assignment something on doing a real business. Meaning dealing with real money and real people. Since this is a group assignment, there's 10 of us in the group.

So last few days we start having meetings. Since by tomorrow we had to submit 2 pages of proposal and present on what we gonna do for our business to our lecturer.

We had the meeting even today we still had a meeting to finalize on what we are planning on doing. Anyway like I said before last few days has been hastle. We had alot of argument and even almost had a fight among the members. DUe to some unsatisfaction.

So for our final decision on what we gonna do for the business was selling cookies. Before this we had alot of other ideas like our 1st idea was setting up a screening business. It is like we will be using the univesity facility to do the screening and we would charge people by selling tickets on what movie we want to screen. Mainly the screening was focus on screening foreign movies.

The 1st meeting, we thought that we would already finalize the idea unfortunately somehow one of us actually having another sort of better idea on how we can actually make more money.

The idea was presented by a girl. The idea was about having a motivation camp for elimentary school kids. Since holiday coming. So she thought maybe it is good money that parents might wanna send their children to motivation camp.

The motivation camp was suggest to be done 3 days 2 night at Port Dickson. If any of u guys do not know where is Port Dickson, it is a state in Malaysia where it suppose to be a famous beach. Where people would have their picnic but too bad most of the beach are already polluted. Still there is other beach still surviving with the clean beach. Thats the places that we gonna have the so call motivation camp.

Unfortunately the idea was rejected by most of the members including me. Coz the idea was too big. It required huge amount of money. We got to come out with very big capital to do the business. Ofcoz if u ask me it is a great idea but too bad most of us in the team wasnt afford to spend so much money on those kind of thing.

Somehwhat somehow the rejection got the girl annoyed. She still insist us to agree the idea and there u go we rejected it straight away. Itried to convince us its not really wort it to work so damn hard on such thing for just an assignment. Ofcoz if we make a big shot we gonna gain alot of marks but it is just too much.

I told her and 2 other in the group somehow they got influence by the girl that we should thing something more abit smaller, something that we can afford, somewhere nearer. The girl was totally pissed off and ask to be excuse. One thing that I was damn agry about was before she went off she actually insulted us. By saying something to do with our parents which it actually has nothing to do with our parents. By doing that somehow satisfied her. Fu*king Bitch... Anyway yesterday during the last meeting we were inform she quit from the team. Let it be. Damn emo bitch.

After she went off, I called my parents asking them for help, if they got any better idea on this assignment. Dad suggested something on working with TV station and I told my team mate about the idea. They agreed but I told them I need to make confirmation with the TV station 1st before we make the decision.

Yesterday (Nov 15, 2006) at noon I check it out, called the TV station. Too bad it was a bad idea. But no worries we already had a backup plan. The backup plan was about selling home made cookies. Since X'mas is coming so we will be selling somesort of x'mas cookies and we would sell it according to people order and we even gonna have a delivery service. "whosh its gonna be abit hard work here". It doesnt matter anyway. Iam willing to work hard on it for the sake of the marks.

In the end we have finalize the business idea, that was selling x'mas cookies. By today noon, the leader will be presenting the business plan. All the best and good luck to the leader.

So now Iam enjoying my self listening to music with my new subwoofer speaker which I bought last Monday. The speaker was another hastle thing to me.

Last Sunday, I went to lowyat, a shopping mall which sell electronic stuff like PC's hanphones and camera's. Went there early in the morning. Leave home at 9.30am. Thought that I would reach the mall at 11am. Forgot that on Sunday there wouldnt be much traffic. So I reach around 10.15am. I should say it was damn early when I went to the mall the shop is still close except some just about to open their shops.

Huhuhu so to pass time I just walk around see if there's anything interesting. Later after like 40 minutes most of the shop already open. So I start with my window shopping by looking around what speaker that interest me with a cheap price.

At same time I wasnt just looking around and wanna get a speaker, I was actually waiting for my friend all the way from Taiping. She said that she would meet me at lowyat coz she had problem with her PC.

I though of buying the speaker after meeting my friend. Unfortuantely Iam too eager to buy the speaker. I just couldnt wait. So I went and bought it. Which was a very cheap one.

After buying it went around waiting for the friend since just after I bought the speaker she sms me "I'll be there any time soon. Iam already near lowyat".

After like 15 minutes she arrived. We met and straight went to the shop which she wants to sent her PC. To cut short the story, when I went home and have a test on the new speaker I bought, the sound of the speaker was horrible. I wasnt really satisfied with it.

I though that the bass had problem. So the next day I went to the shop at lowyat again...and ask them to have a check on it. After checking it few times, the guy said there is nothing wrong with it. The sound it self is like what I heard when I test it. Sigh so I told him "OK la if like that I will take it back."

I just arrive there rite? I feel so stupid to went back home straight away. So I went around. I stop by at this shop and check out the speaker that they sell. U kow what I found out?

I found out a speaker which was better than the one I bought except it is abit expensive. But it is damn worth it buying it. I went back to the shop that I bought the previous speaker. Found the model that interest me and ask the sales guy if I could change the speaker. Iam willing to add money.

Too bad the speaker was out of stock. I was like soo disappointed. So the guy offered me another model which is abit more expensive than the one I wanted. So Iam just not happy with the speaker that I had previously, I just take the speaker and pay for it.

Now Iam happily listening to music with my new speaker which cause me hell of hastle. Sigh...

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