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Tea Time
Tuesday, January 1, 2008
If I was a man of honor, my first instinct would be to introduce myself. But who am I to say what a man of honor thinks? A man of honor is hard to read due to his protective coat, thick and warm and covered with medals and puddle mud from a woman who couldn't just walk around. The medals deflect bullets, and the mud washes out into every article of clothing in the laundry that day. A man of honor lies still in a pothole, ducking from the enemy fire, until another man of honor comes by and throws his coat over him, and the honor is absorbed and carried away like that woman into a honeymoon suite. And then there are potholes everywhere. Please watch your step I say.

No, I will not introduce myself. Second instinct, third instinct, none of it. Perhaps there lives honor on the other side of the window, but this is a solid frame with no thermal leakage. An insulated aperture. On his side is warmth, cake, and tea. I would kill for tea. My dog, my family, my self. With a hunting knife. Call it fenestration frustration.

I can see the tea but I can't drink it! What is that?

I punch him in the face and his window shatters. My hand is a bit cut up, but I was anticipating some blood loss. A dainty little squirt in the corner, a delicate little squirt in the planter, a darling little squirt in my pocket, all dry and buried like a cat clawing at a polished marble floor. What comes next is very graphic, you see. I take the tea leaves and drop the fuckers into a cup of boiling hot water. Don't look it's horrible.

civilitea and brutalitea
please don't kill for tea. yell for it, threaten for it, strangle for it, but don't apply the knife. the blood you'd draw is far too salty to season any tea. try sugar or honey or lemon instead--salt and tea don't mix. by that standard, the boston tea party was a terrible affair, too much salt, and come to think of it, too much water. they would have needed more tea leaves to get just the right concentration.
» Amy ( on 2008-01-01 07:40:37

Coincidentally, I just made a pot of tea.
By introducing yourself, you would be placing a tag on yourself; a title; a name. "This is who I am." A restricting container.

And besides, it's more fun to be mysterious.
» invisible on 2008-01-01 08:25:05

This is why I don't drink tea. It causes evil....ness!
» randomjunk on 2008-01-02 04:06:27

wow. all that for a spot o tea? Touching and a little morbid, but i understand. The addiction of tea can make you do crazy things. I, myself am very into green tea... i try to have one every day.
» AdreyMcMazing on 2008-03-19 04:06:01

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