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WEfroiuo pozmoisf oiwuper!!
Monday. 5.5.08 1:26 am
Eoiruwo woeu ppoijol wpoiue pr ouoiuoi!! oiejro??
I'M BORED. It's 1:30, I should be tired...I sort of am, but I hate sleeping. If it was possible for human beings not to sleep I would most definitely have it be that way. Although, that would make cuddling incredibly difficult...hmmm...

Anyways, I saw Iron Man. Yeah yeah, I'm going to be go along with the general public and say it was a pretty damn good movie. True, it takes FOREVER for Robert Downey Jr. to get suited up in the Mark III armor (sweeeet stuff), but that's pretty much how all origin movies are. I'm already anticipating (and speculating upon) a sequel...
My list of need-to-see movies:
  • The Happening

  • The Incredible Hulk

  • Wanted

  • The Forbidding Kingdom

  • Hancock

Nifty little movie place here.
Ok I'm going to try and put this boundless energy to other, more productive uses...like homework.

Muffy over and out!
Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

need to check out the new Dark Knight Trailer. It has two face!
» middaymoon on 2008-05-05 07:07:48

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to understand what the title or the first sentence means ... but yes! Iron Man was a good movie. we didn't have the best seats, but it wasn't the front row at least.
» LostSoul13 on 2008-05-05 05:45:08

Forbidden Kingdom, for the 3/4 that I've watched is nice.
» Nuttz on 2008-05-05 10:28:35

i wish i had boundless energy T-T
» crz4manga on 2008-05-05 11:51:19

Holy crap
I've liked this layout for ages, but I just saw the background image by itself.

Where did you GET it? That's freaking awesome.
» middaymoon on 2008-05-10 08:43:17

Oh my geez... the forbidden kingdom. I was kind of excited about seeing it, but then I realized how freakin old Jackie Chan and Jet Li are getting. it was kind of painful to watch. and the kid in it is super ridiculous.
» Someones_Muse on 2008-05-20 12:55:59

i'm waiting for Hancock too
» elitevillain on 2008-05-28 12:23:39

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