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This is me being angry. Again.
Friday. 7.13.07 12:39 am
Yeah I know, I'm mad again. I'm not really an angry person, although having two rants in a row is probably giving people a different impression. But I really can't help it.

Every year at Nationals there's a photography crew who covers the event, later to sell the photos online to whoever wants one. Well this year, for some reason, there was a new company. Amazing Sports Photos!, or so they like to be called, but don't let the name deceive you. This was easily the worst batch I've ever seen in my 6 years of jumping. Not only do they somehow lose the entire first day of the competition, but their coverage of the remaining day was MISERABLE. If you were actually lucky enough to get photographed, they put on multi-shot and covered about 5 seconds of whatever you were doing, producing photographs worth less than penguin feces.
The MOTHERS sitting back in the stands had better pictures, and if they had decided to set up a booth they could've outsold these amatuers in a heartbeat. Sad, really.

In other news, I'm done with being modest.

Those are my medals from Regionals and Nationals, not including all my ribbons from other tournaments. Everyone needs some glory, damnit.

P.S. Happy Friday the 13th, now go knock on wood.
Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

Haha, penguin feces!

Btw, I cant see that photo.
» Bullet on 2007-07-13 04:10:25

holy cow, thats a lot of awards.
ha, penguin feces ... what on earth made you use that as a comparison?
re: I'm pretty sure I mentioned the reasons why I'm moving, but it was probably back in January when I decided to move. I'm sick of AZ, I have more opportunities in Vegas, its closer to my family, I would have moved sooner, but my lease wasn't up until the end of this month and it would have looked bad on my credit if I had broken the lease. there are a bunch of other reasons, but those are the main ones.
» LostSoul13 on 2007-07-13 04:24:19

Wow... those guys are pretty bad.. Anyhow, having two rants in a row doesn't really matter.. Everyone gets upset every once in a while. That's a lot of awards.. You must be a very good jumper..
» Nuttz on 2007-07-13 10:34:19

I think ranting is good. Makes you feel somewhat better after you're done. Hopefully, after you got done with this post you felt better and will enjoy the rest of the day(night). From the looks of the pic you deserve the glory.
» Princess_00 on 2007-07-13 11:18:30

I would have unleashed my inner Dashiki andsnapped my fingers in the shape of a Z. And if you got it, flaunt it. At least until you can't flaunt it anymore and recharge.
» bifocalLs on 2007-07-13 03:01:35

I hate crappy pictures
when they're trying to be sold.
bleh bleh bleh.

Yeah, medals!
I have.... some certificates for volunteering. And... my high school diploma.
» invisible on 2007-07-13 05:15:49

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