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My letter to the school district
Wednesday. 11.29.06 12:53 pm
Dear Federal Way School District,

You are idealistic morons. First of all, Student-Led-Conferences, as you love to call them, are exceedingly efficient at wasting everyone's time.. Your EALRS (Essential Academic Learning Requirements) can burn in hell. News flash: nobody gives a damn about them. And now, you want to cancel conferences and resume school on Thursday and Friday. Are you serious? Would you like to be assassinated?

It's supposed to snow again tonight

Are you ignorant, or just incapable of understanding the weatherman? Let's see how many people show up, biatches.

Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

did you send it?
» middaymoon on 2006-11-29 04:24:39

Pretend :)
» The-Muffin-Man on 2006-11-29 04:40:42

Ooh, my tummy hurts! XD
In your face! (not yours, the school's ghostly gastly mask) XP
» Silver-dot- on 2006-11-29 04:54:31

"Would you like to be assassinated?"
Haha. I don't know why but i'm laughing my ass off on this one. =DDDDD
» frostbitten on 2006-11-29 05:33:03

I completely understand. There's district here called IPS that makes kids go to school no matter how thick the ice is or how deep the snow is. They're never convinced that it's not deep or slick enough.
» Kirei on 2006-11-29 05:41:46

so... are you guys freaking out about soem snow?
here, they still have school when its like, -50C.... and that's cold. so.. to me, its normal to go to school when it snows like, 10 inches in one nite. Closing down schools in the city is rare. the ones out of city close down all the time cuz of the highways.. :( oh well..
» marymary on 2006-11-29 06:15:29

It was on the 24th, the day after Thanksgiving. It's called Circle of Lights. I didn't perform because I never auditioned. Thanks for your comment about me singing. I swear it's like everything that I try to do messes up, one thing after another. So, I'm glad you said that. Spasiba! (Thank you!) ^^
» Kirei on 2006-11-29 06:27:00

AGREEED LIKE NO OTHA ASIAN BOY. tehe dude we need to hang out. i haven't talked to you in a billion years.
» Serendipity on 2006-11-29 06:33:16

nice letter
don't you hate when your school seems to be more ignorant than the weatherman...i mean yea most of the time he's wrong, but the day he's right, ya still make us drive in 6 feet of snow
» brittybratty8907 on 2006-11-29 06:39:36

Dear The-Muffin-Man,

We don't believe in the weatherman. Any educated individual should know that they're only a myth.

The Federal Way School District
» randomjunk on 2006-11-29 07:00:48

How can they make you go to school in the efffin snow? Hello????
» kKaMa67 on 2006-11-29 07:23:21

Haha, I don't really have any archenemies.

"They" is referring to DC and his friends.

I think it would be absolutely hilarious if you wore those boots.
» randomjunk on 2006-11-29 07:34:02

i know i listen to metal enough to understand what they're saying. haha thanks for saying my modules are awesome
» changbang on 2006-11-29 07:51:27

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