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Saturday. 11.18.06 12:12 am
No, I'm not an anime junkie.

Promise. Pinky promise, even . Just becuase I stay up till 1:30 every morning to watch a show that is approximately 24 cumulative human minutes and spend several hours researching its extensive plot (I love you Wikipedia) doesn't make me an anime junkie...seriously

Fullmetal Alchemist. Awesome. I watched one episode and got hooked. I'll admit, the start is slow, but I cheated and looked ahead on Wikipedia and I'm realllly looking forward to losing sleep watching the remaining episodes. I feel so dirty for getting drawn into anime, but I think one show won't do too much harm . On the bright side, it's got more plot then Inuyasha and Naruto can shake their fists at, so it's all good . Haha no offence to all you anime-lovers out there.

In other news, I got my Razr and it's currently the 2nd seckiest thing I own.

Losing only to my Saddam Hussein figurine.

This weekend I have a 2-day jump rope workshop I have to teach. I'll be learning for part of it so that's gonna be awesome, but I can't stand the little kiddies. I should probably start with the medication now so my head doesn't explode. Yup. That's all in todays news. So long Nutangers.
Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

Your Saddam Hussein figurine is nowhere NEAR as "secksy" as my seductive elephant of a P.E. teacher. :P

Blech anime. >:|
» randomjunk on 2006-11-18 01:13:53

haha yeah that thing makes me crazy too

i watch full metal alchemist, it is pretty good, inuyaya gets on me nerves ehh... did you watch wolfs rain when it was on? i really enjoyed it, i have the first dvd
» crochetmama on 2006-11-18 01:31:44

Full Metal Alchemist, eh? I don't like Naruto much--it's everywhere! >=P

Seckiest thing I own...I've gotta say: my lappie! And myself, of course. ;) I can't believe there's a Saddam doll out there...
» Silver-dot- on 2006-11-18 10:18:40

Awesome! I want the icyblue RAZR.

I like anime. I don't watch it as much I used to though. I am one of those Naruto fans. XD I just started watching it. I've never seen Full Metal Alchemist because I always forgot to watch Cartoon Network when it was on.
» Kirei on 2006-11-18 05:13:04

i hate naruto. Die, naruto haha
no offense to all naruto-lovers out there haha
ooh seckiest thing i happen to own hmmm my mp4 lol
About ur comment on my prev entry>> ugh i hate my entries too lol
but i just need some space where i can express myself w/o my friends bugging me abt it. Lol now i'm happy u know :D
» frostbitten on 2006-11-21 07:07:56

french is quite easy. It's just the vocab that screws me up. I usually tend to ace that part, but this test was different. In fact... this whol day was different. I was off with everything.
» Ajibalaji89 on 2006-11-21 08:00:49

donating blood is not all that bad. THe nurse told me that it usually lasts from 4-12ish minutes, and I was done in five. It's just that we didn't have enough nurses, so it took awhile.

A lot of people I know tend to have problems with needles. I don't really understand that, but I guess we're all different.

I think that my experience with the extraction of my wisdom teeth was worse by far. They wrapped this rubber band kind of thing around my arm, took the needle and tapped on the top a couple of times, and I was just thinking of those tv shows where they show drug addicts using needles and whatnot.

The down side is that I had work at 3:30, and I was really drowsy. I'm glad that I don't have to directly deal with "customers" or patrons (as they call them at work) like cashiers or waiters do, since I work at the library. Many times I'd just feel like I had to pass out, but couldn't. It's an odd feeling. I'd lose balance temporarily, and my eyes would lose focus. Everything would seem blurry for five or so seconds, and then my eyes would adjust. It happened a few times, and I'm just hoping that during this process I didn't miss-shelve the books.
» Ajibalaji89 on 2006-11-21 08:10:54

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