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Like the good 'ol days
08/11/2006 12:39 AM
Ahh...jump rope reunion stuff. Great fun.

Sooo...finally, after eleventy billion years, we finally went and did something with the team. Bowling :) Me, Medi, Kirstin, Lilly, Elaine, and, sadly, Christina :D Lol j/k...she's fun to have around even if she mopes everywhere. Basically, we were retards as usual. Kirstin only bowled a 30 haha, and I'm pretty sure the ball was throwing her instead of vice versa. Marissa and Lily ended up throwing 2 balls at once, although Marissa took up pretty much the whole aisle so Lily was forced to throw her ball later. The big blockade thing came down though so Lily's ball smashed into it, and completely screwed up our scores lol...oh well. I got a strike doing the ricochet off bumbers in the 2nd game. Pwned :)

Afterwards, Hazel joined us at my house where we had pizza, and we basically talked for the next 3 hours, catching up on stuff and listening to Kirstin's retarded side lol. Man. I don't think 6 hours has ever past so quickly. Oh and I also burnt myself on the oven while trying to get pizza out. Score.

That same day we were invited to join Hazel @ the Boy's and Girl's Club and do a little demo gig there for her kiddies. Well, the rest of the team hadn't jumped for about a month lol, so they were out of shape. Thank goodness for Hotdogs -_-. Anyways, I'm pretty sure that was one of the hardest performances ever, considering as how we did pretty much every event we've ever done in a competition. Condensed into about a 30 minute session, with no breaks. Yeesh. Oh well, there was a good side. Being able to practice and jump with my old homies again as like reliving the good 'ol days (hence the title of this blog). I really miss that...I probably will for a long time, even when I join the Hotdogs :( I hope Elaine decides to join...that'll make things better.

After that we unanimously decided to descend on Elaine's house and invade, devouring all edible materials in site and playing rounds of DDR (which I suck at by the way). Another 4 hours somehow managed to pass without me noticing...Elaine had to leave for work (Olive [email protected] the uniform), and me and her ate some f*cking hot soup before she left. I had to whipe ice on my lips. Yup, Korean food is that hot folks.

We also got some good team shots, probably the last of us for a long time :( We did a jumping one (we are jump ropers of course), and had a surprise photo of Kirstin massively humping Marissa from behind LOL...omg the look on both their faces = one of the funniest things I've ever seen; priceless. We also had another one on a slide by the park...man I'm gonna miss that. We can have doing absolutely nothing, that's the best part.

I got back around 6, meaning I spent roughly 7 hours with the team, and the day fleewwww by. I think we might do something before Hazel goes back to Oregon (yay). Maybe Lazer Quest? Lol, I hope so. I haven't been there in so long! And with the team it'll be even better.

Alright, well ciao to whoever's reading this (haha, sorry if you understand nothing I've written...it's personal stuff)...until next time.

Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

brian hsu! i found you! you had the same idea i did apparently. =) good ol' nutang. i've read all your latest entries...except for the passworded one of course COUGH HINT COUGH haha i'm glad you had so much fun with your old team and that you had a good time in alaska! OH and those pictures you drew are amazing! you really shouldn't be worried about showing them, haha you should see my artwork and then you'll really feel like an artist. you're friggin amazing and we need to have a crazy bonfire again and just go crazy as always. =)
» 2%milk on 2006-08-11 08:13:38

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