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What's a paradigm?
March 9, 2005---4:38 PM
Good 'ol block days.
This morning was pretty boring. Finished up Rock's vocab assignment during Tutorial, scared Vince, and tried to wash some toothpaste outta my shirt. Who knows how that got there. Burke's class is the stupidest class ever. I IT. All we do is boring boring crap and we can't do anything else except WORK WORK WORK. Urgghhhh....I got a 100% on the vocab test today though =D Yeah beat that suckers. Other than that glorious achievement...I 2nd period. Officially.

Yeah I really don't know why on earth I'm writing about advisory. But I will. Mrs. Burke started crying during the middle of reading Modac, and I felt bad for her because none of us are actually listening to the story and she's getting all emotional about it =( Ok well we are but I don't really find it THAT interesting. After advisory I walked w/Brittany to P.E, discussing.....stuff. Saw James on the way there =D Hehehe hope that was discouraging for him....

Lunch was cool. Sat w/my homies Chris and Murphy and Jordan and....Justin...Carter..who else was there? Who knows. I tried to play 13 but then the bell rang right as I was about to play. Damnit!

Math=boring/never'll use it again in my life. Try that equation on for size.

Tech was OK I guess. Meagher wasn't there today, so the 3 of us just sat around and fiddled with whatever we want. I had to take a few computer out of the library so we could work on em, but other than that nothing happened. Yup so that was my day. It was a Wednesday what do you expect. It seemed boring but for some reason it was pretty cool. I think it's just those little things that really make it all special =) P.S. Everybody has left NuTang except for Megan and Jackie. And Brittany...kind of. Only when she scams off of Kara =D

Alrighty, even though I already said P.S. the entry officially stops here.

Hahah I went past where I said I was going to stop. <-------sign of boredom

Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.



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