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Long time no write folks!
March 5th, 2005---11:09 PM
Woah things have sure changed since the last time I visited NuTang. Sorry folks I've betrayed you and gone to Xanga for a bit...but now I'm back! At least for this entry. Look at my my xanga (www.xanga.com/Sh0ebie) for more details =D

Ooook so the past few days have really kicked @ss. To jump start my marvelous weekend, I left school early on Friday to go do a jump rope demo at Evergreen Heights. It was awesome because the little children make me feel so special when they scream at my cool tricks =). Then after that my mom told us WE WERE GETTING A DOG!! And not just a dog...a puppy!! Goodness gracious it's the fuzziet thing alive! I'm going to post a pic of it in the gallery soon.

Ok so to top it all off, I went to Michelle's house for an amazing 9 hours....
Brittany picked me up at my house, and I was terrified to learn that she actually WAS going to drive and wasn't lying the whole time before. She almost got us killed going down Pac Highway, but by the grace of god we arrived at Michelle's driveway without any major injuries (just the loss of circulation in my legs from her dad's chair scooted back so freaking far). Yeah so Michelle was all ready and waiting for us at her house, and she made mashed potatos (for breakfast? Yeah I was inquiring about that too) and tomato bagles. Interesting choice. I didn't want any and I kept pacing and it annoyed the hell out of them. Lol so I sat down and Michelle tried to spoon feed my mashed potatos. No thanks.

I showed them my jump rope skills...and my speed rope snapped =( Sad day. Oh well I can buy another one. After that we went into the backyard to jump on the trampoline, and I must say, it is pretty awesome to do jump rope stuff on that boingy thing. I could do Quad leg hooks and quad EK's without a problem. It was awesome. Vince came at like 11:30...and he was about an hour and a half late. *Sigh* at least he came at all. Anyhow, we started working on our project, but got bored really friggin quick, so we jumped on the trampoline, all 4 of us. Vince started to go through wrestling withdrawls so I had to be his wrestling dummy for a while. Ouch. He's like afraid of my jump rope though it's hilarious.

FINALY we started working on the project again. We only spent like 10 minutes on it, and got only 10 seconds, but hey, that's a start. Right? Vince and Michelle went downstairs so I went to investigate, but as I rounded the corner into her room they dash out and leave to watch this screensaver float on this computer. It's going so damn slow and I'm just like "hurry up!". It says "will you go to the tolo with me"- fatty. I flipped out. Lol never before ever has a ever asked me to do anything with them, so I felt really special. And then as I came up to say "yes" my brain kept saying "no youre stupid don't say it like that" and so I said "sure fatty" and then i'm thinking "wtf are you doing that's not how you're supposed to do it!" and so I'm having this little war with myself as I'm blabbing whatever comes out of my head. gosh I'm so bad at this. I think tolo will be fun though. Even though I can't dance to save my life. I want to try the robot some day.

Yeah so after that we jumped on the trampoline a few more times and talked and played our musical instruments (so we weren't non-productive after all!). I don't realy know how we managed to fill up all that time with such random things, but it all went by fast. gosh I love having fun. We need to do that again! Except bring popcorn and a movie. And then work on the project a little. Ok I'll shut up now because this has been really long. Cya guys!
Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

wow you updated! thats a first.. kind of. im in advisory right now and kris and marisa are following that little.. sprakly... seizuristic things that flies around your page and they're really amazed. yeah i had my tarot card reading. it was reallly odd. it talked about doing things on an impulse. i dont know what thats suppose to mean. its very surprising you didn't know about samuel. what a newb! and i'm sure there aren't many things you dont know... or are there? uht! tehehe.. i knew she was gonna ask you! oh man i feel so important. maybe i could be in your guys's little trust connection with all the whispering and what not. i still need to find someone to go to tolo with. and not.. who.. you keep suggesting. =] LATER
» itangowithtoasters on 2005-03-08 12:18:37



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