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December 6, 2004---8:48 PM
Well I'd just thought it would be a summarize my day since I have nothing else to do...except for homework but I prefer to procrastinate .

Period 1: Oh boy...Ms. Rock's class. boring as usual. We had to do some Indian location map thingy with some colored markers. And then I forgot what else happened because I was falling asleep. Oh yeah! We got to work on our rough drafts for that article thingy about curriculum...for you know what (NuTANG won't let me post such inappropriate words ).

Period 2: Mrs. Burke is awesome! She was like "Oh don't set any goals that you can't reach, so that when you fail to reach them you don't feel like a total $hithead." She's cool....but then we had to do more of those following the directions sentences things, except this time it's about forming lots of sentences into little ones....and yeah it's boring but Mrs. Burke is still cool!

Period 3: P.E.....Well it isn't the worst thing ever but all we did is volleyball. Steph tries to play the game by the rules and stuff....and I feel kinda bad for her because her team sucks and nobody listens to her . Oh well it's just. P.E. (BTW I think I run too many laps each day because everyone seems to beat me....and I'm not exactly slow )

Period 4: Oh how fun...MATH. I despise math with a passion (can you believe NuTANG!? It wont even let me put "[email protected]" ). All we did is do some stupid worksheets which I still haven't finished because I'm always distracted....and SOMEONE keeps on asking me stupid questions....*cough*kelsey*cough*. Overall I it...Britanny and Megan and maybe even Becca (if you're reading this) than you should be grateful you do not have her as a teacher. I mean come on she failed Trig twice!

Period 5: Yay Mr. Bannan's class! Always good times in there. Vince makes me laugh and I enjoy watching Lindsay and Britanny and Vince cheat on each other...oooh the betrayal. Our group is definitely going to OWN the rest of you peoples at the extra credit. Whether or not it will survive remains a mystery .

Period 6: Yeah I have some wierdo tech thing with Mr. Maergh (lol can't even spell his name). I got this when I transfered out of WEB DESIGN. Ugh that class sucked. Not much happened today...except on Wednesday I have to go put AR on all the computers and do some kind of inventory renaming thingy...I don't know I guess i'll find out.

And there you have it folks...my very first long entry on NuTANG. Now I am one of you Jackie....the long-entry-writing-constantly-posting-newbies. But everyone else is just jealous
Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

Ok so maybe Megan AND Becca BOTH have Mrs. Thompson....lol sry.... Maybe I should just say anyone who doesn't have Mrs. Thompson is lucky.
» The-Muffin-Man on 2004-12-07 02:02:57



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