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Age. 29
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Ethnicity. Chinese
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Omuraisu + Pirates!!!
Sunday. 5.27.07 12:08 am
Isn't my icon pretty? It's Ritsu from Irokui! They have some weird songs though...there's this one about killing rabbits...

*sigh* That new layout has been postponed until after 受験地獄 (examination hell)...but anyways, that's not the point. The point is, I have a LOT to say. =P

Let me start with the big one: I AM SO SICK OF OMURAISU!!! For those of you who don't know what it is, it's japanese for omelet rice, which is basically egg wrapped around rice. Pic:

Looks yummy to you? Well, it is yummy, especially if you're following my wonderful fool-proof recipe~ If anyone wants my recipe (which any culinary-challenged person can follow), leave a comment and I'll put it online. ^^

EDIT: Here's the recipe:
1/4 of an Onion
3 eggs
1 medium sized mushroom
Chicken breast (amount is up to you)
30g Butter
Steamed rice (as much/little as you want)
2/3 tablespoon cooking wine
As much Ketchup as you want 8D
Salt and Pepper to taste
1. Cut chicken thigh into cubes, chop the onion and slice the mushroom cap.
2. Melt about 10g Butter in a hot frying pan.
3. Sauté the onion, then add chicken, and then the mushroom.
4. When they're pretty much cooked through, add ketchup to your heart's content.
5. Add cooked rice, cooking wine, and then some salt and pepper.
6. Keep cooking until you feel it's cooked through.
7. Turn off the heat and dump the fried rice onto a plate.
8. Break 3 eggs into a bowl and add some salt and pepper.
9. Mix the egg evenly.
10. Melt 10g butter in a frying pan over medium-high heat.
11. Pour in the egg mixture.
12. Spread the egg so it coats the bottom of the pan and make an egg pancake!
13. When the egg can hold it's shape, place SOME of your fried rice in. Leave the rest on the plate. This is VERY important, because if you add too much rice onto the omelet, it won't wrap properly.
14. Turn off the stove and wrap the rice with the omelet.
15. Roll the omelet as you wrap, until you can't see the rice anymore.
16. Place the omelet on the plate and draw something nice ontop with ketchup!
17. Hurray, you're done! Itadakimasu!
Note: On your first try making it, you will probably screw up on the wrap-rice-in-egg step. Don't be discouraged! Once you get the hang of it, it's not that bad. ^^

BUT!!! When you've been eating omuraisu for a whole week, lunch, and dinner...well, it kinda loses it's appeal. In other words, you get sick to your stomach everytime anyone mentions rice, egg, and ketchup in the same sentence. That's how I feel right now. :]

Ever since I saw this pic of omuraisu last weekend, I've been trying to make it. Unfortunately, I had to eat all my dismal failures. I think I probably gained 5 pounds from the excessive intake...some of my previous tries were...unappetizing to say the least. But hey, I never waste food, even if I accidentally dumped the whole can of salt into the rice... >_<

Anyways, this morning I got up at 9, showered, and then went to the movie theaters to watch Pirates of the Carribbean 3 with my friends. The movie was OK, I mean, the special effects and CG and stuff were really cool. But plotwise, it was...lacking. Honestly, I hate Elizabeth Swan. Her "pep speeches" are horribly lame and cheesy. I also dislike Orlando Bloom. I think he relies too much on his "good looks" and thinks it'll make up for the fact he can't act at all. I mean come on, he has the SAME expression in every single movie he acts in...

Well, rant on PotC 3 aside, we had fun at the movies. Then we went over to one of my friends' house, where we were going to eat lunch. Anyways, all my friends know how I've been making omuraisu like crazy. So for lunch, I made omuraisu for them. I've pretty much mastered the art of wrapping egg around fried rice. It was a big hit with my friends, but I had to eat some with them. And then afterwards, one of my friends brought a chocolate cake she baked from scratch. God, I was so stuffed.

So I get home, relax, take a nap. When I wake up, my mom has a migraine and asks me to make dinner. Since I've become an omuraisu making robot, I automatically start making omelets. Then I fry the rice. Then I put the two together and BOOM, you have omuraisu. Lol and behold, I can feed a family of 4 now...

But then! My sister couldn't finish hers, and omuraisu doesn't taste good after it's refridgerated, so I ate hers for her. God, I am SO sick of omuraisu. I'll be so happy if I never eat it again. But I promised to make some for another friend on Tuesday. Me and my big mouth...

Tired of hearing me rant about eggs and rice? Well, time for a change of subject. I no longer feel ANY guilt for breaking up with that guy. Why? Well, a few weeks ago, I found out there REAL reason he wanted to break up with me. Apparently he liked this other girl, and when he asked her out she said that she wasn't gonna go out with a guy who has a girlfriend already. So then he dumped me and went to her. I didn't know at all!!! And his new girlfriend is really bitchy to me. She always glares at me in the halls, and I'm pretty sure she's been spreading rumors about me. *sigh* But anyways, I don't care about that anymore. It's all in the past, and I hope they're happy together. =P

Now, onto my ton of graphics! I started a request thread, and I've gotten a surprising amount of requests...O_o

Ok, I'm leaving now. Hope I don't throw up all the omuraisu I [email protected][email protected]

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