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Age. 34
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. A European Medley!
Location Radomyshl, Ukraine
School. Seattle Pacific Univ
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Sunday. 8.24.03 6:08 pm
I'm listening to Sash... and you know what that means! I'm irrepressibly perky! No, no, you perverts not like that... -.- Well, I went school supply shopping today (only my absolute favorite form of shopping). I don't know what it is about new office supplies... but they're so much fun! Maybe it's the smell... hey... they make "new car smell" in a can... why not "new pencil smell" or "fresh paper smell"? Hmmm...

Now my job gets even more fun! I get to print all new Orlie and Kenshin pictures to paste on all my notebooks WOOOHOOO!!



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Superfly Superfly...
Saturday. 9.27.03 12:29 pm
I'm listening to the Vengaboys, and you know what that means! I'm feeling unstoppable. Unstoppably lazy. Well, it's Saturday! Looong awaited Saturday... The week seems to just keep getting longer and longer... Not that I don't absolutely love being back at school, but a girl does need to sleep on occasion... oi Nothing of great import has been happening lately, except that I shall be attending another funeral today ::sigh:: second one this month... Funerals always make me feel guilty, because I seem to be incapable of mourning. Being the only one with dry eyes can be bloody uncomfortable. But I suppose it could be worse... I could be the only one crying... ::ponder::

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The Same as it Ever Was
Wednesday. 5.30.07 5:11 pm
It’s funny to me, that even though I’m supposed to be changing and maturing, I’m pretty much the same as I’ve always been.

I still act like a model citizen at work/school, and then goof off when my supervisors/teachers are gone (case in point, being on NuTang at work…hehe).

I still procrastinate and cram.

I still have a weak spot for food and drink.

I still fall for all my friends.

I still can’t make up my mind.

I still try to please everyone.

Aren't we supposed to get better with age?

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Walking with the Revolution
Sunday. 12.19.04 2:14 pm
Christmas- the time of year I realize I really suck at some really easy things. Case in point- wrapping presents. I don't mean weird shaped presents like bottles of pet shampoo, plushies, and handbags. I seriously cannot wrap a box and make it look half-way decent. Today I would like to give you a glimpse into the Heidi Suzanne school of gift wrapping. Step 1- Pick out a bitchin' gift. Step 2- Pick out some bitchin' wrapping paper. Step 3- Attempt to find tape dispenser. When no tape dispenser is found, grab a new roll of tape. Step 4- Spend a full fifteen minutes trying to figure out the most efficient way to use the bitchin' wrapping paper. Step 5- Cut wrapping paper from roll and place present upside-down in the center of the paper. Step 6- Fold paper over two longer sides of gift. Realize that there is an inch wide gap. Step 7- Swear loudly. Step 8- Get tangled in the dispenser-less tape. Step 9- Give up.

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You think you're tired now...
Saturday. 3.5.05 1:16 am
Just got home from work; I can't bring myself to say no to extra hours right now, even though I hate closing. Closing at a pool is shitty. You have to clean. I hate cleaning. No. I mean it. I really hate cleaning. I would eat a bull's penis on Fear Factor rather than clean.

Especially locker rooms. People are just disgusting when they aren't at their own house. Guys seem to think it's funny to take a crap in the urinals. It's not funny at all when you're the one who has to deal with it. Girls can be just as bad. They leave their used femenine products all over the goddamned place! AND I swear I pick enough chunks of hair out of the drains each day to make a lovely wig for Robert Smith.

Sorry Bob, that was low.

You know what's the worst though? squeegee-ing. That is back breaking work when you're talking a huge locker room.

Know what though? Tant pis pour moi. J'aime beaucoup mon travail parce que les enfants sont tres amusants, les autres employes sont comme moi, et la salaire est assez grande.

Tout en Tout, J'ai la chance.

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So wonderfully pretty
Saturday. 3.19.05 10:54 pm
Naked story of the day: I love Palm Springs because everyone is retired in my winter community and I can go natural in the hot tub :D:D

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