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New Music (finally)
Wednesday. 5.28.08 3:14 am

Music is The Call by Regina Spektor. Itís from the soundtrack to Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. EDIT: Or not... I can't seem to get it to play. Stand By. Weird. Okay, well that didn't work. Must be the song. Anyway, this is Part IV - Morning In May by Ludo. This is an awesome band. Very unique songs and lyrics. (Check out Save Our City. It's about Zombies. Seriously.) Listen carefully to the lyrics of this song. It's so much more touching and sad when you know that this song is part 4 in a series of songs about a guy whose wife died in a car accident. The first 3 are about him traveling in time to get back to save her.

Saw Chronicles of Narina: Prince Caspian the other day. It was pretty good. About as good as the first one. And just like the first one, the peripheral characters were much stronger actors than the stars. Those kids just arenít very good at playing real emotions.

The action sequences were very well done. The music and the visual effects were great, and the story was solid. All in all, a good movie that only suffered slightly due to inexperienced child actors and the occasional cheesy line.

Also saw Indiana Jones, which was also good. Special effects were amazing (and I include whoever did Harrison Fordís make-up in that category). A few things I would have done without... such as the horribly unrealistic ďflight of the refrigeratorĒ. But what can you do. Itís Indiana Jones. It did have a surprise ending which I wouldnít have seen coming. I wonít say any more in case some of you havenít seen it yet.

Well, the sale got pushed back a few weeks, so weíll be leaving the 10th of June, now. Itís a small delay, but itís still frustrating. Now Iím just hoping I can get a job when I get there. Thankfully Jenn already has one lined up.


Funny, a guy in my Lit. class was ranting about how horrible Indiana Jones was. :P Guess it all depends on the person.
» randomjunk on 2008-05-28 07:13:24

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