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Age. 64
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. JA
Location Vienna, VA
School. UC, Los Angeles
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Onigiriman Philosophy
We are the sum total of our individual experiences. As a result, everything we think, interpret and say is tainted. While we may try to offer objective "facts", these facts are inevitably arranged and presented through the prism of our own experiences, and as such it is our own subjective perspective of the truth.

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Friday. 7.11.08 6:05 am

I just read a post by California Gal about her son. She posted a photo of her son and asked if he looked like a girl. He's a cute looking kid but still looks like a boy to me. But then, maybe non-Asians can't readily see the gender difference in Asians? They need other cues like clothing, cosmetics, or voice. This reminded me of an embarrassed look I received a few months back.

It was February in Virginia. As usual, I was running late to school. I had just taken a shower, thrown on my clothes and gather my stuff for the day. The day was sunny and bright, but cuttingly cold with a brisk breeze, so I threw on my knee-length parka, wrapped a wool muffler around my neck and put on my sunglasses. I didn't have time to dry my shoulder length hair so instead of putting it in a pony tail and risk letting it get all smelly, I did as I usually do: I let it air dry.

The walk to the Metro is a short seven minutes, and with the wind blowing, my hair was drying rather nicely despite the cold. As I was about to enter the Metro station, a rather big burly black dude abruptly approached me, as if to ask me something.

When I stopped, he asked, "Hey, babe, you gotta light?"

Okay, I'm not that skinny, but I guess a long puffy parka can seem to hide a girlish figure. My sunglasses perhaps would disguise the fact that I was not wearing make-up. Still... Babe? *sigh* So with my long hair flowing in the breeze, I responded:

His eyes grew large, and all he could do was sputter, "uh, oh, uh, okay," and he walked away, face looking rather flushed. Dude, I thought, I swear I didn't mean to embarrass you.

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Up through my teenage years, I would answer the phone at my house and be referred to as "ma'am." So not only was I apparently female, but I was also a somewhat older female.

At least I'm not the only one in my family this sort of thing happened to. When I took my little sister out for ice cream one time, the lady behind the counter asked me if the "little boy" wanted anything.... My sister was pretty annoyed.
» ranor on 2008-07-11 11:27:01

my cousin angela didn't have hair until she was almost 2..even when they pierced her ears everyone thought she was a boy...
» invisibleinkling on 2008-07-11 12:36:40

Guys with long hair and can pull it off are hot. =]
» frostbitten on 2008-07-11 01:39:15

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