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The 60k Scandal (Please Read)
Saturday. 9.16.06 2:28 pm
As many of you may have noticed, we have a very popular new member (vanji) in our community who managed to accumulate over 60,000 popularity points in roughly 1.5 days. That comes out to about a visit 1 page load (or refresh) every 2 seconds for 36 hours straight.

Now, is there anything wrong with someone receiving 60,000 hits in 1.5 days? Nothing at all.

Is there anything wrong with someone receiving 60,000 hits in 1.5 from a new member with no real content on their site? Well, no, not really. However, it becomes highly suspicious.

Let's take a close look at the traffic logs, shall we:


Now, the question is: Is there anything wrong with someone receiving 60,000+ hits in 1.5 days from 10 "people?"

Absolutely! Foremost, it is a clear violation of our Terms of Service. The visits are undoubtedly not genuine. (These robotic tendencies tend to be a bit whelming. You can do the math.)

There is a plethora of more reasons why this type of inappropriate member behavior is bad for our community ...

Why This Hurts NuTang
  • You are ruining the essense of the Revenue-Sharing program
    The point of this system was to reward members for keeping an active account and developing their own readership base. The point is NOT to figure out ways to break the system. By doing the latter, you are de-valuing the effort and time others have taken to develop their blogs and sites.

  • You are ruining the essences of the Popularity Points and Most Active
    List system

    See above point. Members should be given due recognition.

  • You are slowing the server
    Having more than 10 IPs continuously pinging the server is causing unnecessary load to the system. It is essentially a malicious Denial-of-Service attack. (A DoS attack is, in fact, punishable by law in every country that I know of.) As a result, you make NuTang slower for everyone trying to visit the community and read their friends' blogs.

  • You are endangering NuTang's support from advertisers
    Just like how your actions are meant to deliberately cheat NuTang, our advertisers will see the constant loading of their ads as NuTang's deliberate attempt to cheat them. They may withdraw their ads and that will be the end to the revenue-sharing program. Please don't ruin this for everyone.

The moral: Don't try to generate false traffic to your blog. Maintain a blog that people will enjoy reading and the readers will come naturally (maybe a bit faster if you do some legit promoting yourself).

One last reason not to do what Vanji did: It's simply moronic. Your Michael Jackson avatar will be at the top of ever points lists, throwing red flags everywhere. Good luck, my friend. Good luck.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

- dave

P.S. At first, I wanted to keep things discreet. The last I wanted was to bring controversy and stress to the community. And so, I had originally sent the member a private note stating that he or she has violated the TOS. Next thing I know, he or she has shamelessly brought this out into the public's eye.

In other NuNews

- Thanks to little-b, we now have a facebook group. If you're a facebook member, join here: http://minnesota.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2210483786

- On the homepage Welcome Box, you can now see how many pages you've surfed. Thanks to ikimashokie for that great idea.

- Be out on the look-out for a lot of new items to be added to the NuStore.
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hm... was this what happened with the member before? i noticed there was a member before him who had like... that many hits and only posted *once*

however, with vinjia... eh, he does actually love to blog (i spoke to him on msn).. he just really wanted the money too =/


» Kuri on 2006-09-16 03:47:59

im wondering if maybe there might be another cheater. maybe one of nutangs finest? i don't know, but i feel like one or three entries isn't enough.
» middaymoon on 2006-09-16 08:52:37

So there was something definitely wrong...

I have decided that cheaters, though often worthy of dying by frozen pickle bombs, can also be punished by being exposed to everyone. Although it isn't quite as satisfying.
» randomjunk on 2006-09-17 12:06:03

Cheaters will get their just deserts. Dog poo. Heaps of it.
» little-b on 2006-09-17 02:14:59

bandwidth hog!!
maybe things will be better around here now. and/or stuff.

money whore. pshfft!
» invisible on 2006-09-23 09:48:54

i noticed.
Well, well, well. Let this be a lesson for all.

Do Not Cross Dave! He's not dumb and you Will Not get away with it.

This entry-blog in general should be more...out there. Instead of all the way down at the bottom of the page. It's an important part of the site. ^-^
» Silver-dot- on 2006-09-23 11:22:30

that's right, cuz i work hard to my readers.
» atlmuzikfanzinc on 2006-10-16 10:48:31

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