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Thursday. 5.9.13 8:34 am
Well, the last time I updated was two days ago. Those were two pretty crazy days. The first day, I had lost all motivation to do anything, and just came home and went to sleep. Hopefully that won't happen again. "I'VE STILL GOT STUFF TO DO, BUT I DON'T CARE" is pretty much what went through my head. I've got a list of 13 things to do every single day that I normally get done between waking up and going back to sleep.

1. Wake up Early
2. Brush Teeth
3. Exercise
4. Shower
5. Read Whatever is on my bible reading plan
6. Read Devotional
7. Pray
8. Consume some kind of Japanese Media for listening/reading practice
9. Read a chapter of my Japanese Textbook
10. Study any flashcards that I have due for Japanese
11. Learn something about programming
12. Learn something on Khan Academy
13. Log all food eaten that day on MyFitnessPal

A pretty jam packed list if you also consider that I have to work and travel 9.5 hours per day and sleep an additional 6-7 hours per day, but if I don't track each of these items on The Daily Practice then I'm prone to forget all about it.

The problem with not logging my activity in any day, is that I break my chain if I don't log. I had chains that where two weeks long at least on each of these until the day before yesterday. When I stopped doing anything, including logging my activities, on Tuesday the 7th, it made me have a break in my chains. Now, at least for the next week, I'll have to see the break in my routine that happened on Tuesday. It kind of hurts my motivation, but I think the point of this kind of thing is that it forces you to rebuild. If you care enough about the things your tracking to actually write them down and force yourself to track them every day, then you care enough to rebuild your broken chains after you mess up.

As for yesterday, I was feeling all demotivated because I broke my promises to myself about always getting this stuff done. I realized at that point that I can allow myself to make mistakes. It's the only way to learn. I think that not having the motivation to do one thing on my list shouldn't force me anymore to not work on all the other items. I lost the motivation to exercise for one day, and let that drag me into doing nothing but playing "Path of Exile" all night on my computer.

I'm going to have a lot of trouble with that game I think. It's very engaging, about as engaging as WoW was when I first started. It's a kind of clone of Diablo 2, which is another game I really liked. I found myself not concentrating during training class yesterday because I wanted to play my game. I am very sure that I'm going to to uninstall the game so that I don't have that temptation anymore. I've got more than enough stuff to do every day, and I cannot allow a game to steal any of my precious 9 to 11 hours of the day in which I am at home and not doing anything else.

This was a fun entry to write, but it's also taking up some time. I might have to add a "Blog on Nutang at least 4 times per week" goal on TDP. This really helped me to focus and motivate myself. I'm glad to see that a lot of people on Nutang are coming back. I wonder what brought all of us back at the same time like this?

What kind of stuff are you reading about in your devotionals?
» middaymoon on 2013-05-15 09:28:31

Man....it really is a struggle to stick to a schedule. Even if you know it's good for you. I have a similar list as well, and I only ever get 50-75% of it done :- Personal accountability is tough!

I miss D2 :( :( I really do. D3 has gotten a lot better since release, but it's still lacking a lot of the same storytelling, grittiness, and versatility of the D2. Have you tried D3?
» The-Muffin-Man on 2013-05-19 07:36:41

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