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Sunday. 8.5.07 6:21 pm
I like the icecreams. they're pretty good. I wish I had some right now. I would eat some with coffee in it. better yet I would eat icecream with coffee on it. like an Ice coffee, heavy cream. Okay, now that I'm finished with my icecream dreams I guess I'll open the door to my weekly life to you. I just spent about 4 hours trying to copy down the rules to a game. As I was copying the rules, I thought to myself "wow this game really has a lot of rules, it's probably no fun," so I read ahead in the rules, lo and behold, yes the game wouldn't have been any fun, mostly because it just includes two wizards making handsigns at eachother to do spells... I got my Japanese lessons from the library the other day. They're pretty good I guess, it's 12 cds total, 4 cds for level one, 4 cds for level two, and 4 cds for vocabulary. Only thing is, I don't have the time to listen to it. I'm awake while at home maybe 4 hours a day on work days, on my days off though I can do it I guess, but I like to sleep then ^_^ Cool, my sister just came by and gave me some popcorn, that's pretty nice. The other year I ate a jellybean that was supposed to taste like popcorn. Needless to say i spat it out before I could get the beans jelly stuck in my molars. It tasted horrible. It looked like it might've been a caramel type of jellybean, but I guess not. Other than that, I'm still working to get a computer. If I end up working a bunch extra over the next few months, I can get a pretty decent computer. My main problem is with system memory, all of my previous computers have less than a gigabyte of ram. With the computer I'm hoping to get, I'll have 1 gigabyte of ram that I can upgrade without voiding the warranty. That should be pretty useful. Also I'll have a better graphics card also. I just have to work a lot over the next few months to get it. Well, I'm about to have to go. bye!!


how do you get that lil siggy thingy??
» AmbyrJayde on 2007-08-05 06:34:38

I hate popcorn jelly beans! Icky!
» alexsedotcx on 2007-08-05 09:27:33

ohh, you know what's really good?
raspberry cheescake icecream
it's like heaven on a cone
» -highonlife- on 2007-08-06 08:49:31

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